Situation / Crown Polish

What’s up with this “crown polish” concept anyway, you might ask? So, we all have those “off” days or moments or situations. Crown polishing is a reaction to those experiences – a new mindset and outlook! Crown polishes are the little pick-me-ups we all need every once in awhile. Crown polishes are the moments where we dust ourselves off and move forward cheerfully and optimistically. Below you’ll find a few situations I’ve been in lately – with the much-needed crown polish that got me out of the situation. Enjoy! xo

Situation: feeling homesick

Crown polish: Skyping with my hilarious sisters {while they were in a coffee shop…and then proceeded to lift up their shirts and punch each others’ abs to see who was stronger…OUT of control}

Situation: (Almost) everyone from my high school getting engaged/having kids

Crown polish: Remembering I get to do all the fun stuff that they might not be able to when married or parents. Note: I’m happy for them! But also happy for myself being in the place I’m at in life – and refusing to let myself feel “less than” just because I’m not engaged/having kids.

Situation: Missing Athens/college/living with Ash, B, Amber, Tess a whole lot lately

Crown polish: Ashley’s lovely weekend visit!

Situation: Being really, really busy

Crown polish: Having an Andi day – where I only spend time with myself enjoying and relaxing! {with lots of Lifetime movies, books and hot tea of course}

Situation: a LONG day at work

Crown polish: Unexpected cards in the mail from Melissa, Hope & mom

Situation: being in a funky, weird, “off” mood for no apparent reason

Crown polish: the second you snap out of that mood and regime silliness and happiness {again, for no apparent reason}

Situation: Failing to remember what I’m thankful for on certain days {UGH. Not okay!}

Crown polish: These “I am thankful for…” reminders. Print for free here.

Situation:Freaking out that “I’m not doing anything with my life.” Aka: listening to negative voices in my head. Ugh.

Crown polish: Having the opportunity to share my story and write on Melissa’s blog about identity. Remembering I am so much more than one stage of life or one word. Oh yeah, stepping back from the situation and learning to breathe helps a whole lot too!

Situation: Uninspired

Crown polish: Anything and everything Curly Girl Design-related {hint hint: I’m giving away a CGD product in my blog holiday giveaway! GET pumped!}

Situation: Underwhelmed by my closet

Crown polish: A little {early} Christmas present for myself a la these Steve Madden beauties!

*Your turn! What situation have you been where you needed a crown polish? I’d love to hear! xo


2 responses to “Situation / Crown Polish

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the card! I thought it was the perfect fit for you :) xoxo

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