December Resolutions

Good morning sweet friends! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! I definitely did – and weirdly can’t believe it’s already December 5. Less than three weeks until Christmas! The past three months, I’ve been giving myself goals and resolutions to work on and strive toward. December is month #4 – Woo hoo! Below are a few things I’m working on and focusing on this month.

Don’t forget -Here were my resolutions for September, October and November.

As always, thanks for reading and for making me just happy. xoxo

1. Celebrate often! Who says it needs to be a holiday to have a celebration? This month, I want to treat every day like a party! I want to anticipate and get excited for little, random things. Plus, with Christmas and New Years festivities this month, celebrating is a must.

2. Take vitamins. I’ve been really bad at this lately! Plain and simple, I need to remember to take my vitamins every day {even if they are the gummy bear ones}. I always end up feeling healthier and better with much-needed supplements.

3. Love unconditionally! It’s really easy and natural to love people who like you. It’s not a challenge to love and accept people who are nice to you and treat you well. But it’s a whole lot more difficult to treat people well who don’t do the same back. This month, I want to consciously make the effort to love everyone unconditionally. To me, this means to love people despite how they treat me, what they say to me or how they hurt me. I want to treat everyone with grace {undeserved love and affection}. I have been treated with so much unconditional love – from God, from my parents, my family, from friends – and I want to pour that on everyone I meet.

4. Give > Receive. It’s the season of giving! As a child, I loved loved LOVED getting Christmas presents but as I get older, my Christmas wish list is getting much shorter. I’m finally starting to feel happier and better giving other people gifts, rather than receiving. This month, I want to focus on giving. And not just presents! I want to give my time, my resources, my life to other people – in order to make their lives a little happier and more cheerful this holiday season!

5. Turn off phone more. Ugh. I wrote in this post, “Maybe if I spent half the time I’m online OFFLINE, I might be able to really enjoy life, soak up life, LIVE.” I was reminded again this weekend during my whirlwind trip to Portland to visit family that I should really focus on my life, not my online presence. Being surrounded by my grandparents and a few other family members, we didn’t talk about Facebook or Twitter or texting. We simply enjoyed each others company. This December, I want to enjoy moments with people I’m actually in the room with – not documenting the experience by constantly checking Twitter/Facebook/email from my cell phone.

6. Drink more tea. I’ve always liked tea before bed – it’s such a calming way to unwind and relax! This month, I want to drink tea during the day and in the morning as well. Here’s 33 more reasons to drink tea! Does anyone have a favorite flavor? Send my way!

7. Pray all day, every day. I pray daily – but instead of praying routinely and ritually before bed or right in the morning, I want to strive to pray ALL DAY. This doesn’t mean talking out loud or writing down my prayers, but instead being in a mindset or prayer throughout the day.

8. Never ending resolutions: It’s important for me to live by nine rules I gave myself at the beginning of January. Stay positive, live fearlessly, love everyone, believe in possibility, embrace change, remain calm, appreciate today, seek wisdom, be purposeful. These resolutions aren’t contingent on one month – but my entire life! This month specifically, I want to focus on appreciating today – really enjoying each and every moment. I want to focus on seeking wisdom – surrounding myself with people and experiences that will force me to learn and grow. This month I want to focus on staying positive – because that’s just a given.



3 responses to “December Resolutions

  1. I love your monthly resolution posts, Andi! Since middle school, I’ve started every year wanting to make monthly resolutions, but never make it to Februrary even! I love that you’ve made it 4 months. :) it’s such an optimism-inducing practice.

    I love honey lemon ginseng tea (in the morning) – it’s slightly sweet & has a peep of caffine to start your day! Any herbal tea from celestial seasonings is my nighttime go-to. :)

    • Thanks for your comment my lovely Lauren! I loved Gchatting with you today too (obv!) :) I’m so excited for your blog to kickoff and see where it goes! I have a good hunch about this one!!! And focusing on monthly resolutions has been WAY easier than yearly ones – plus mixing in fun ones with more serious, life ones is always key. Ugh, I didnt have tea today – TOMORROW that will change! xoxo

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