Be who you are & say what you feel.

Happy Tuesday! My youngest sister Hope randomly sent me a surprise email last week with a guest blog. This wasn’t planned or expected – she just decided she wanted to share. Hope is someone who is wise beyond her years – she is only 14 and smarter than I am even now. I don’t know many high school freshmen who can be this raw and real about their everyday experiences. SO proud to be her big sis. 

Thanks again to Pal for sharing! Love you and only 16 days until we reunite! xoxo

Hey Guys! This is Hope, Andi’s little sister. I’ve never really written a blog post, but I decided to do a guest one. Today I wanted to write about one of my favorite quotes which applies to me, and every kid in highschool. And i think it can apply to adults too.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Suess
I think the problem with many people my age is that we can’t be ourselves. And I’m not saying I’m not involved in this because I am. People think too much into what other people think about them. And they shouldn’t. You should be yourself. Don’t live to impress others.
“Be who you are” is the first part of that quote. And if everyone on our planet took that advice, our world wouldn’t have so much hatred. People wouldn’t judge other people becaues of their own insecurities. People wouldn’t be put others down just to fit it. What we need to do is just be who we really are. We shouldn’t act like we are someone we aren’t just to impress people. Because if they don’t like you for who you are, then they aren’t worth impressing.
“Say what you feel.” I admit sometimes I am afraid to say what I really feel. And so is everyone else. It makes sense. What if we say something wrong? What if people make fun of us? What if they talk about us? We need to just stop worrying about it all. Saying things we don’t really mean, or lying, or acting like ourselves won’t find us real friends. Real people like what you say, and want to be around you for it.
“Because those who mind don’t matter.” Don’t get me wrong. If you act like yourself, people will judge. People will hate. You cannot please everyone. If somebody doesn’t like you for you, makes fun of what you say, then they aren’t worth talking to. Don’t overthink the people who mind what you say. Don’t change yourself to show off to somebody else. It doesn’t matter what others think.
“Those who matter don’t mind.” It isn’t hard to figure out who your real friends are. It isn’t hard to figure out who should really matter to you. And who really cares about you. People who love you, your real friends, will like what you say and do. They will like you from the beginning. They will laugh with you, cry with you, and stay with you. They won’t care if your  wrong, not at all. They don’t what you say or do, as long as your being you.
I guess Dr.Suess doesn’t just teach little kids. This quote really affected me, and I hope it affects you too. I hope it shows you who you really love, and who really loves you. I hope you aren’t afraid to be yourself. Because there isn’t anyone better. Be you and only you.

2 responses to “Be who you are & say what you feel.

  1. Wow! I am honored to have known and taught both of you ladies.
    Andi… so excited and happy for you as you follow a dream. You are creative and talented. I enjoy reading blog posts now and then and seeing where life is taking you. Enjoy the adventure!
    Hope… yes, high school can be rough. Keep being yourself… you are too special to be anything but Hope! And you are right… Dr. Seuss has lessons for everyone, as long as we are willing to learn :)

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