You are the cream in my coffee.

Morning beauties! How’s your week going so far? It’s weirdly super cold here in San Francisco…I need to remember to wear my coat every morning. So, today’s Words for Wednesday has no real theme (like forgiveness, gratefulness, happiness, being yourself) but instead just a few images/quotes that fit my life this week.

This week, I’m all about coffee, striving for a work/life balance, making mistakes, taking breaks, finding happiness, not over thinking things, throwing away excuses, finding beauty, waking up ready!, relaxing, asking questions, loving life and listening to the inner noise inside me.

What are you all about this week? I’d love to hear! For more Words for Wednesday, visit here. xoxo


3 responses to “You are the cream in my coffee.

  1. I really love your blog! Every single post makes me smile and you really polish my crown! Today I was very brave and did let the coiffeur decide which cut suits me the best. I had really, really long hair and now it is quite short. I surely miss my beautiful long hair but it is so exciting to try something new! I just can’t stop smiling.

    • Hi Juliane! Thanks for your comment :-) Getting comments likes yours is ALWAYS a crown polish for me. Omg! Haircuts are scary! My hair was medium length (def not long) and I cut it in a bob – but ended up loving it. I’m sure yours looks amazing – and I’m happy it’s making you smile already and it’s only day 1!


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