Holiday Giveaway

*The holiday giveaway is now closed and winners have been randomly been selected! Thank you to all who entered and shared with me things you are thankful for this season. The winners are listed below; please shoot me an email ( or direct message on Twitter (@luckyandi) with your address! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! xo

1. Not for Sale Turquoise Liberty Bracelet: Brooklyn

2. Leigh Viner “Cricket” Print: Deidre Casey

3. Curly Girl Design 2012 Calendar: Lauren Elser

4. Thanks! by Robert Emmons book: Stacey Headley

5. $25 Aerie gift cards: Katie O’Connor and Angelica


Hi hi hi! Happy positive Thursday lovelies! Today’s Thursday Thankful List is a bit different format – and today I’m saying thank you to you. I am thrilled to give away five readers a special holiday gift in the first ever Polish My Crown Holiday Giveaway! All of the gifts relate to an old blog post and/or something that is just a crown polish for me. Gifts include a Not for Sale bracelet, Leigh Viner art print, Curly Girl Design 2012 Calendar and two $25 Aerie gift cards. Read about all the gifts below and stroll to the bottom to learn how to enter! xox

1. Not for Sale Turquoise Liberty Bracelet: Not for Sale is an organization I’m passionate about and wrote about here. Their mission is simple: Stand with those who are enslaved, work together to free them, and empower them in their freedom to break the cycle of vulnerability.When I attended their Global Forum on Human Trafficking a few months ago, I fell in love with the liberty bracelets and purchased a turquoise one. You know I love my arm parties {see below} and wear it every day!

I’m so excited to give one of you a liberty bracelet! Not for Sale has more colors available online too.

2. Framed Leigh Viner’s “Cricket” Print {not framed in picture}: I shared about Leigh’s insanely awesome artwork in this blog post and constantly feel inspired and refreshed by her talent. This blog post was one of my first blog posts on Polish My Crown – she’s been a favorite artist of mine for awhile! To be very honest, this iPhone photo doesn’t do her work ANY justice – please check out her website to see this gorgeous print {and tons of others!}

3. Curly Girl Design 2012 Calendar: It appears two of my favorite artists are named Leigh, because Leigh Standley’s Curly Girl Design is something that is a constant pick-me-up. She mixes her collage-style artwork with inspiring, empowering quotes. I dedicated an entire post to her work here, but often share in Words for Wednesday or other blog posts. A few favorites quotes from Curly Girl Design:

  • Sometimes right back where you started from is right where you belong.
  • She packed up all her potential and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes and headed out to change a few things.
  • Faith is believing one of two things will happen; that there will be something solid for you to stand on or that you will be taught to fly.
  • Just wait until you see what is possible when you shine your little light on the world!

4. Thanks! by Robert Emmons book: I first borrowed this from the library then decided I needed a copy of my own. I’ve also gifted the book to a friend because I really do feel it’s THAT powerful and inspiring. Now, I’m thrilled to give one away to one of you beautiful readers! I’ve shared excerpts from the book often; and this blog post shares the author’s “Top 10 List for Staying Thankful.” You absolutely won’t be disappointed.

5. $25 Aerie gift card {two winners will be selected}: I have a last {but certainly not least} addition to the holiday giveaway and that comes from the lovely team at Aerie! I had the privilege of attending Aerie’s Trunk Show about a month ago and loved their holiday collection! Who doesn’t love adorable {and cozy} underwear, bras, PJs, sweaters and more? I know my little sister Hope would be thrilled with some new Aerie stuff for Christmas!

The Polish My Crown Holiday Giveaway will last until Friday, December 16. To enter the Polish My Crown Holiday Giveaway, leave a comment telling me three things you’re thankful for. You can also enter via Twitter; all you have to do is:

An example: I’m thankful for weekend trips, waking up early & hot cups of tea. I’m excited to enter @luckyandi’s holiday giveaway:!
You can enter two per day {once via Twitter, once via blog comment} Ultimately, I want to hear lots and lots of things YOU are thankful for in the next week! Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to read my blog, to inspire me, to make me happy and for challenging me to be the best person I can be. Good luck!

94 responses to “Holiday Giveaway

  1. I am thankful for new beginnings, the words of Guillame Apollinaire and for a past that has paved the way to my future. Thank you @luckyandi for PMC’s holiday giveaway:!

  2. I am thankful for eggs, the fact that it hasn’t snowed in Wisconsin yet (knock on wood), and waking up to text messages in the morning :)

  3. I’m thankful for coffee (especially on days when I’m spending between 8 and 12 hours in the library!), I’m especially thankful for my family and their never-ending support and belief in my abilities. And while I don’t often admit it (I do often complain about it) I am thankful for the opportunity to further my education and pursue the career that has always been my dream, despite the excruciating work it requires.

    • Morgan – hey girl! Hope all is well! :) Thats amazing that you are going back to school..what are you studying? So important to be thankful for things even when they annoy us (and make us unbelievably tired, like studying/work/etc) xo

  4. Hi Andi! I love your blog. I am thankful for my brothers because they always put a smile on my face… my cozy apartment (including my fun, drama-free roommate)… and my 40-min train commute that gives me time to read every day! Happy holidays xo
    Oh wait, one more… I am thankful for my Google Reader and blogs like yours that give me a nice little break throughout the work day!

    • Maria – Aww, youre so sweet! Thank you! I’m sure the Google Reader comes in handy esp. during your commute! Hope to read more thankful lists from you soon!xoxo

  5. Things I am thankful for…………

    Days when I laugh like I don’t have a care in the world…

    The enormous smile that slowly expands across Kiera’s face when she sees me…

    The ability to draw pictures of unicorns whenever my Kiera asks me to. This allows her to think that I’m good at something.

    Every person who has ever cooked or paid for a meal for me….

    Anyone who truly knows me, and still manages to find me endearing…

  6. I am beyond thankful for:

    1. my HEALTH! Working in a hospital makes you realize how important that is.
    2. my disobedient yet so adorable dog
    3. my family, friends, and boyfriend for being amazing each and every day
    4. my job! Sometimes I take it for granted that I have one, let alone love it :)
    5. the little things, like: Starbucks, high heels, a new manicure, beautiful stationary, new running shoes, giving and receiving compliments

    And finally…
    6. people like Andi for promoting positivity and inspiration to others!

    • Tori – You gave me double thankfulness lists! LOVE IT. THe little things are often the “big things” in life for me – so with you girlfriend. Hope to read more from you! xoxo

  7. I am thankful first for aerie tweets that got me here :)
    but mostly for the friends I have that have supported and encouraged me over the past two years when I was handed a divorce until today where I will have completed my masters degree in 15 months with a 4.0. Without their love & support I don’t think I would have been able to make the journey alone.

    • Sandra – love Aerie! A Masters degree in 15 months AND a 4.0 is insanely amazing. Congrats! I agree with you: couldnt do life without unconditional love from friends. Hope to read more thankful lists from you soon! xo

  8. I am thankful for my family, my friends and my kitten Maui. I am so thankful to have been in the situation to adopt a sick kitten and tend to her and bring her back to 100% through extra vet visits and tons of love. I’m thankful for a great job and for being about to help others where I can. Oh and I’m very thankful for Aerie and their amazing underwear line ;)

  9. I’m thankful for my family, friends and my education! Additionally, thank you to @luckyandi for this wonderful opportunity!

  10. I am thankful for a roof over my head and shoes on my feet, my dad’s increasing health and a ready supply of coffee!

  11. I am thankful for a cup of a coffee on a cold day, friends who are there for you no matter the circumstance, the opportunity to get a college education, the family who has made me the person and I am and so much more. Love your blog so much, I always look forward to your posts!

    • Ellen – Thx for commenting! Seriously coffee is something I’m thankful for DAILY. Love your thankful lists and thank you for the support! I’d love to hear more things you’re thankful for this week!

  12. I am thankful for inspiration, hilarious friends and people, the apple and string cheese I am eating, and gloves :) Love this blog; best food for thought around x)

    • Ashley – String cheese is my fave! I’m glad you love the blog; come back and keep posting what you’re thankful for for more chances to win! xo

  13. Andi! I am thankful for my big brothers who stick up for me, Ohio U, my incredible school that has given me experiences and an education that will last a lifetime, and clean sheets right after a hot shower :) So happy to see your blog so successful! This is awesome! YOU are awesome!

    • Emily – Hi babe! How have things been? OU is something I am SO thankful for, even more now that I’m not there. Thank you tons for the kind words; wouldn’t be blogging without fantastic readers like you! xo

  14. im thankful for heated blankets, getting to talk to the ones i love everyday, and getting cozy in sweatpants :) love ya!

  15. I’m thankful that I get to go “home” for Christmas, a job I love, and an amazing family.

    • Brookyln – those are three absolutely wonderful things to be thankful for. And three things I’m equally thankful for as well :) Keep on sending me your thankful lists lady! xo

  16. (In big matters) I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness over the course of a lifetime. I’m thankful for four beautiful daughters (inside and out). I am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids and families.

    (In little matters) I’m thankful for hot coffee first thing in the morning; good books, and the cup of Sleepytime tea I am about to make for myself.

  17. I’m thankful for workouts that help relieve stress at the end of the day, hot showers on cold mornings and my housemates who cheer me up when I’m in a bad mood. Thanks again @luckyandi for this holiday giveaway- I love PMC and have shared many of the posts with my good friends!

  18. I am thankful for family (my mom and older sister, Hope), my dog, Oliver, and books!

  19. I’m thankful for this blog, Andi! It’s the first blog I’ve ever subscribed to and followed – and I now a have a piece of positiveness in my inbox almost daily! I’m also thankful because its opened my eyes to the possibility of starting my own blog to keep my family and friends updated when I move away from them. Lastly, I’m thankful today for Ohio U still being on quarters, because I get to spend time with friends who are home on their long break :) Even though I am slightly jealous of them!

  20. I am thankful for my encouraging family & friends who push me to do well in my career. I am thankful for creativity and finding inspiration everyday. I am thankful for my education!

    And I’d be realllly thankful for an Aerie giftcard! :)

  21. I am Thankful for my ever growing good health (after battling stage 4 Lyme Disease over the past 3 years), the love and support of my AWESOME husband and for the opportunity to read your blog ( and partake in social networking to lift the spirits of others @luckyandi

  22. Andi! i just started following your blog! in loveee. i love discovering new blogs… anyways im thankful that it finally snowed here in northeast p.a. im thankful for coffee! and im thankful for my dog, jude. hes my bff. :)
    xoxo elle

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  24. I’m thankful for holiday music to brighten my day, kisses from my dog Birdy, and the smells of the holiday season that remind me how much I love the holidays!

    • Deidre – your dog sounds so cute! Happy Friday! xo

      • Thanks so much! She’s a little Jack Russell Terrier with a speckled belly, red ears, and one large red spot on her backside. I think she’s adorable; she’s such a sweetheart! :) She was the best Christmas present ever!!!!

  25. Andi, among other things I am thankful for meaningful conversations and connections with strangers, the constant opportunity to learn and the love I receive each day whether I deserve it or not. Keep up the great work! I’m inspired by how much you’ve grown since we first ‘met’ in the summer of 2009.

    • Sarah, thanks for your comment! The constant opportunity to learn is something I’m thankful for daily. I’d love to hear more thankful lists from you all week! xoxo

  26. Thankful for: My neighbor who is willing to teach me how to sew, Pinterest, the innocent, pure amazement dogs have with EVERYTHING. x)

  27. @luckyandi: I’m thankful for magazines, baking for the holidays (salted caramel chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend’s parents!) and eBay. :)!

  28. Todays thankfulness: Delicious chicken and apple salad, 80’s tunes on at work, Health, Pandora and fantabulous friends x)

  29. I am thankful for cold weather, amazing friends & a supportive family! Miss you love! xo

  30. This wonderful Sunday I’m thankful for Sunday Fundays with my gal pals, whether we go on a holiday adventure or snuggle up on the couch and watch every Christmas movie on TV, my favorite antique shops because they give me new inspiration on every visit, and the opportunity for unknown adventures in the coming week! Let’s make it a good one, everyone! Cheers! ;)

  31. @luckyandi: I am thankful for chai tea lattes with a shot of espresso during Finals, the library on a Sunday morning and MasterChef!

  32. Hmm to day among my thankfuls are: Harry Potter/J.K. Rowlings Literary genius. popcorn, encouragement from others, innovation and the use of the heated garage for the past 2 days x)

  33. Michelle Washburn

    I am thankful for my family, my health, and my patience to deal with my family! (3 teenagers!)

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  35. I really love taking the time out of my day to really think about what I’m thankful for! Especially during the holidays! I’m going to make this a daily occurrence and start writing it down everyday. Thanks, Andi!
    Today, I’m thankful for my wonderful (although sometimes trying) rescue kitten, getting most of my Christmas shopping done with patience in tact and having the ability to start training for my first marathon!

  36. Today I’m thankful for long underwear, cute scarves, & warm coats. There isn’t much prospect for a warm period down here in Trxas, I’m afraid!

  37. I’m thankful for hair straighteners, holiday music playing in the lobby of my apartment, and nutella and peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast :)

  38. Today I’m thankful for:
    1. genuine people and friends
    2. La Croix sparkling water
    3. rainy days…perfect for cuddling after work :)

  39. More Thankfulness! The local craft/stationary store, soup on nasty days like this one, my kooky family, Parachute (the band,) and literacy x)

  40. I’m thankful for finals week because it reminds me that I’m fortunate to be in a good school. Also very grateful for the fact that I will be back at home in California in 6 days :) Lastly, I’m saying thanks to you for always keeping me in a positive mood.



  41. @luckyandi: I am SO thankful for festive nail polish, sleeping in and pile-lined moccasins!

  42. Hey Andi, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog! Keep up the amazing work, girl :)
    Today I’m thankful for:
    1) Getting mail from home, making those 4,672 miles seem a little less far…
    2) Hearing a new song that you immediately fall in love with!
    3) Waking up before my alarm to sunshine streaming in the window.


    • Elizabeth – thank you for your lovely comment! I love those three thankful things and thank you for the kind words about my blog! Can’t wait to check out yours :) xoxo

  43. Today I’m thankful for the opportunity to recharge my batteries (down time), time to catch up on chores, and the prospect of time to do some holiday decorating this week. :)

  44. Today I am thankful for the unwavering support of my husband & family; friendships so close they are basically family; a faithful God who continues to bless me with more than I deserve- even when I doubt His plan!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway, Andi!

    • Stacey – thank you so much for your comment. Honestly, it was exactly what I needed to hear today – I am SO thankful that God watches over me faithfully even when I stray away. xoxo girl

  45. Today, I’m thankful for finding a good seat at the library with a view of the lake, study breaks, and having good dreams :)

  46. Thankful for finishing my 10 page paper on time :) Thankful for getting an A on my Psych major subject. Thankful that Syracuse is still not experiencing snow!!! :)

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  48. It’s hard to narrow down to three, but here are three things I am so grateful for in life right now:

    Technology. The ability to see and talk to friends and family at any given moment of the day any day makes staying in touch with all of my loved ones so much easier.

    God. This past year has had it’s ups and downs for me, but knowing God is there and keeping my faith alive has gotten me through even the toughest of times.

    My mother. She is my rock and is there to support me no matter what I do. I am so grateful each and every day that I get to learn and grow with her supporting me.

    Also, thank YOU for constantly inspiring me with this website!


  49. Today I’m thankful for: rain vs. snow in December in Michigan (unheard of!); reading “Chin up, Buttercup” in your post for today (the whole post is just what I needed!); and the hope that next year will be a happier & healthier year for all!

    Happy Wednesday to you, Andi! We’re halfway through the week :)

  50. Today I am thankful for the surprisingly warm December weather, ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, L.L. Bean’s travel bags, afternoon’s spent on Boston’s Newbury Street, and cafes in the morning. Thanks @luckyandi!

  51. Today I’m thankful for a team learning experience at last night’s basketball games with my little ladies, family veging time, and my boss being on vacation for the next 3 weeks! Cheers to the holidays!!!

  52. I am thankful for chocolate chip cookies from my mom, my new pillow, and giant, sturdy water bottles

  53. Double thankflu as I missed yesterday x) Funfetti cookies!!, awesome teachers, colored tights, discounts, Family home safe and sound, Honesty/honest people, art. x)

  54. Today I’m thankful for a much-needed night off from coaching, southern hospitality, and a short break from the rain.

  55. Today I’m thankful for a flexible work schedule; pizza delivery so I don’t have to cook dinner or go out in the rain; and my best friend coming home for the holidays!

  56. I’m thankful for finding a blog that allows me to take time out of my day to always think positive(!), second cups of coffee (just because I can) and friends who fly 600 miles to visit me just because I’m feeling down. I really do have the best support system in the world!

  57. @luckyandi, At the end of this Holiday Giveaway I am thankful for: A lesson learned- It’s been awhile since I sat down to really think about all that I appreciate and all that I am so fortunate to possess and experience, I am thankful for oatmeal with blueberries, late night scary movies with my closest friends and funny YouTube clips afterwards to prevent nightmares, electric kettles and Keurigs, Trader Joe’s, and Grooveshark (Adele and The Band Perry on repeat) :)

  58. I’m am thankful for…

    Meeting next door neighbors my freshman and junior year who turned out to be two of the most inspiring and amazing people I have ever met! (Lub me some CB and AT!)

    Getting to know different people and remembering that everyone has a story

    The new office Keurig (I also lub me some hot chocolate)

  59. Today I’m thankful for: the soreness you get the day after a good workout (it means you kicked butt!), making people laugh, and holiday parties at work, no matter how lame/cheesy…hey its still a party to me :)

  60. Today I am thankful for tuna fish, Christmas shopping, and laughing with my roommates :)

  61. Thankful for: The reminders TO be thankful, sweatpants, my hilarious Russian-Spanish teacher, my friends who love me( running through halls screaming my name when they find out I am nearby x) Love you guyts!) o and Pinterest x)

  62. Today I am thankful for long drives on back roads, breakfast at 7:00am, English Shoppes with my favorite candies from my mother’s home, libraries open 24 hours during Finals, the friendly night crew at Cumberland Farms and online shopping. Thanks for this opportunity @luckyandi!

  63. Today I’m thankful for peanut butter and banana sandwiches, ta’s who bring you candy, and pandora!

  64. Today I’m thankful for: using the holidays as an excuse to reconnect with friends, Bad Santa reruns on TV, and buttercream frosting :)

  65. Today I am thankful for Twitter, without it I wouldn’t have found your lovely blog and this giveaway! (You can thank Aerie, I check their Twitter religiously!) I am thankful for great friends; mine have gotten me through a lot and taught me so much – how to love, how to live, how to laugh, how to be happy, the list is endless really (and also plenty more cheesy). But in all seriousness, I really do love them, words can’t express how much they have changed my life every day for the past few years that I’ve known them. Lastly, I am thankful for blogs like yours, whether they’re fashion blogs, photography blogs, art blogs, etc., I love reading them and learning about the people behind them, and the little facts are especially nice, such as how to wear a scarf 25 different ways (read that one somewhere last night), and that at one point, there comes a point in your life when you realize, “Enough! Enough fighting and crying, or struggling to hold on.” (I especially loved that post of yours.)

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