Thursday Thankful List

Happy positive and last Thursday of 2011! Two weeks ago, I shared YOUR thankful lists. Many of you submitted things you’re thankful for on my blog and Twitter and I’m thrilled to share a few more of them today. Thank you & enjoy today! xo

Sunday Fundays with my gal pals
My favorite antique shops because they give me new inspiration on every visit
The opportunity for unknown adventures in the coming week!
Encouragement from others
Chai tea lattes with a shot of espresso
The library on a Sunday morning
Shelter from the cold
Wearing lots of layers to keep me warm 
My health
Comfort foods
Long underwear
Cute scarves
Warm coats
Food in the fridge
Every moment with my dad
A hot cup of coffee 
Terrific parents
Clean water
Sunny skies
Time with my brother
Paid vacations
Hair straighteners
Holiday music playing in the lobby of my apartment
Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast :)
Genuine people and friends
La Croix sparkling water
Rainy days…perfect for cuddling after work :)

The local craft/stationary store
Soup on nasty days
My kooky family
Festive nail polish 
Sleeping in
Pile-lined moccasins!
Getting mail from home, making those 4,672 miles seem a little less far…
Hearing a new song that you immediately fall in love with!
Waking up before my alarm to sunshine streaming in the window.
The opportunity to recharge my batteries (down time)
Holiday decorating
The unwavering support of my family
Friendships so close they are basically family
A faithful God who continues to bless me with more than I deserve- even when I doubt His plan!
A good seat at the library with a view of the lake
Study breaks
Having good dreams :)
Postcards from friends 
Rain vs. snow in December in Michigan (unheard of!)
The hope that next year will be a happier and healthier year for all!
The surprisingly warm December weather
L.L. Bean’s travel bags
Afternoon’s spent on Boston’s Newbury Street
Cafes in the morning
Chocolate chip cookies from my mom
My new pillow
Giant, sturdy water bottles
Funfetti cookies!!
Awesome teachers
Colored tights 
My christmas tree
Iced coffee
Hilarious coworkers
Christmas cards with pictures
Good luck
Technology. The ability to see and talk to friends and family at any given moment of the day any day makes staying in touch with all of my loved ones so much easier.

God. This past year has had it’s ups and downs for me, but knowing God is there and keeping my faith alive has gotten me through even the toughest of times.

My mother. She is my rock and is there to support me no matter what I do. I am so grateful each and every day that I get to learn and grow with her supporting me.
My achievements
My education
That I know there is more to come


One response to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. Super sweet. I love the “I left my <3 in…." cards. Super cute! :)
    Happy New Year!

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