Thursday Thankful List

Happy positive Thursday! I’m back in San Francisco after a lovely two week trip to Ohio and a terribly miserable flight back. I’m thankful for another day, the opportunity to be here and the opportunity to spend so much time with my family over the holidays. Here’s just a few other things I’m thankful for this week! xo

Car rides with mom and girls
The second your stomachache goes away
When someone opens the perfect present
The sound of wrapping paper ripping
Taking out my contacts
Prayer journals
How there’s always a fresh pot of coffee at my house
Birthday love

Cuddling with Max and Rugby
Sister sleepovers
Getting back into the swing of things
How often grandma asks me to move home
Small town coffeeshops
Small town street corners

Okay….Small town everything
Writing down what success looks like
Blogger friends {that’s you Gracie & Molly}
Naps with mom
Paid vacation
Remembering it could always be worse
Fancy birthday dinners
Early morning brunch dates

When you haven’t seen someone in months but you can pick up.right where you left off
SP Jamie Cait Kristen Tess Robby Alex Lyn Lauren and Steph
When your friends family feels like your own
Talking to younger girls and knowing exactly how they feel and what they are going through
How much energy and joy toddlers have
My three little sisters.
Watching non-stop episodes of Private Practive {only on vaca!}
The cutest matchbook
 Hair appointments
And much needed advice sessions
A song that makes you think of an exact moment in the past
Finding something that is just right while shopping
Candlelight church services
Recognizing my potential
Peace that passes all understanding
Hysterical laughter

Family game night
Moms Chex Mix
Greeting someone in the airport
Circle scarves
My grandpa
Extended family
A book you cant put down

Driving in the car alone and having time to think
People who love me enough to tell me the truth
The opportunity to fly home for the holidays
How much prettier my neighborhood looks in the snow
Headed blankets
Movies I’ve watched recently: The Help, Friends with Benefits, Warhorse, Crazy Stupid Love
Water with lemon

Sleep…lots of it.


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