Defining Success: Part 1

Happy Tuesday – I’m super excited about today’s post! With the New Year and my birthday, I’ve been thinking a lot about success and how the definition has changed for me. How I define success now is much, much different than I did even a year ago. I’ve also been reminded that everyone defines success is their own, very different ways. Today’s post is the first in a three part series about success!

This week and next week, I will share how a few very fantastic people define success. The third week, I will share my personal definition of success and how defining it has changed the way I view my life and my future. My relationships with these people sharing include family, friends, coworkers, fellow bloggers and some friends who I have yet to even meet in person! The one thing in common between all those who shared is that they all have impacted or influenced my life in some way for the better. Thank you to all who were willing to share!

There’s one thing I’m positive of: you can’t BE successful until you define what success looks like for you.

Mom: Making a difference in the world around me by representing Christ well and helping and influencing people.

Ashley {@abush}: My personal definition of success is loving what you do and doing what you love. Of course it’s ideal to have nice cars, fancy clothes and a big house but what’s that worth if you dread going to work every day? Or whats that worth if what isn’t beneficial, or does nothing to make the world a better place? As long as you enjoy the place you live, enjoy the people you are surrounded by and feel you have a purpose in this world then that’s what I feel is successful. (But I wouldn’t mind some extra change to be able to travel every once in a while!)

Jenna {@jennakozel}:  Success to me is waking up in the morning excited to start the day and going to bed satisfied with how I’ve lived the day. It is being honest, reliable and dedicated with all of my commitments, loving, kind and generous in my relationships and creative and eager about my pet projects. Success is being in a constant state of learning and self-improvement by both giving and receiving knowledge.  If I was able to look back on my life after my death, there are four things I’d hope that I’d accomplished: a big happy family, plenty of time to spend with them, work that has improved the lives of others in some way and that at my funeral, the general consensus is that I was greatly loved.

Connor {@kingridic}: I define success by being able to find the inner happiness one needs to be motivated to do what he/she loves. Personally, I define success by love and finding someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want to be able to support my family and live a great life. I graduated college and I may not have found my dream job yet, but I fell in love, and to me, I’m more successful and much more fortunate than most. Someone once told me to “Do what you love & the money will follow.” Well, I pride myself on loving myself and loving others. I’ve doing that, so now, I’m just waiting for that money to come!

Sam {@samogborn}My personal definition of success is loving what I do everyday within life’s details, and that’s what makes me happy. Sometimes that means acknowledging I need balance in my life. I’ve learned to come home from a busy day at work and cook, which I love to do, or watch a documentary. Or talk to my parents for an hour on the phone and catch up. I know at any moment I can shift my thoughts, so I allow and choose success (and ultimately, happiness)  every day by making room for those little details. :)

Kellie {@kellie_snyder; also check out her Compelled To Do So blog!}: Success is achieving a goal or conquering a dilemma and feeling joyful and proud after. Success is not necessarily the result of following a specific plan because missteps often lead us to new and better opportunities. What constitutes success varies on an individual basis. One person’s success cannot be measured or compared against another’s. Success is unique. Success is moving up, pushing forward and reaching out for more. Success is what happens when we recognize the possibilities that lie before us, capitalize on our resources, and work with unyielding passion and determination to make those possibilities a reality. The best part about success is that we can all acquire it. Success is limitless. Success is glorious.

Molly {@SmartPrettyAwk; a favorite blogger from Smart Pretty Awkward}: I would say success is having wonderful people in your life and a wonderful career. Essentially, going to a cocktail party and having someone you love as your date, with your fingers crossed a stranger asks you what you do for work because you are so proud of your job you want to talk about it.

Michael {@britopian and the genius behind}: Success to me is waking up every morning with:

  • joy, love, peace,
  • no regrets
  • motivation

Regardless of life’s circumstances.

Kailey {@Snackface and check out her yummy Snack-Face blog!}: Success means being genuinely happy in everything I do. That means working a job that fulfills me, being surrounded by people who I love and adore (and who are positive), participating in activities that bring me joy, and always striving to better myself and my life. It’s a perfect storm, really.


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