Thursday Thankful List

Hi queens! We made it to another {positive} Thursday! I was thinking recently about something and I don’t love it: how easy it is to think about and keep track of what we don’t yet have or what we still want. Ugh. Thinking about the fact that I sometimes think like that makes me feel sick. It’s annoying that it can sometimes be easier to create a “what I want/need list” than it is to draft a thankful list. Every time I catch myself complaining about not having something or feeling ungrateful, I combat that with five things I am thankful for. I genuinely believe the best way to combat ungrateful thoughts and feelings is by reversing it. Choose to count your blessings rather than tally what you’re lacking. Here’s what I’m thankful for this week! xx

Things that get better with time
Dinner date at Lolo
Wearing a new item for the first time
Early morning walks around the park
Work days that go by fast, weekends that go by really slow.
Lunch dates
Circle scarves
The sunrise
And the sunset {although it comes super early…}
Thinking/dreaming BIG
Spending the night in bed with my journal and a cup of tea
Finding new Tumblr blogs to stalk
Being inspired by other people’s definition of success
These two!

Feeling empowered
Homemade pizzas
Sleeping the entire night without waking up in the middle
Candles that smell like apples
Handwritten thank you notes
The people who have taught me to love well
The people who love me despite the fact I’m a work in progress
When someone tells you they appreciate you
Kerry, Katie, Hope
Listening to one song on repeat
Package in the mail from Mom – with this card:

Drinking lots of water throughout the day
The feeling after doing a really good workout
Circling prayers
That today is Thursday!
Spending time with family
Embracing differences
Warm weather in January
Flannel shirts
Sorting things out with my mom
The people who have invested time, energy and care into me.
Holding my head high
Reading books on my Kindle {also, how cute are these cases?}:

A faithful God.
The opportunity to make decisions.
A college degree
The cute Anthropologie knobs on my dresser
Unconditional love
Birthday celebrations
My landlord – the world’s best.
Sparkly nail polish
LUSH surprises for my birthday! Amazing.
When other people wear as many bracelets as I do:

The opportunity to give other people advice
Sitting down and having a one-on-one discussion with someone
Planning day trips
Three day weekends!!!
Ten toes
That I’m not in high school anymore.
Scary moments
Looking back on something and laughing
Remembering this stuff about my job
People who can play music on the guitar
Dreaming of traveling

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