Lovely Links

Fridayyyyy!!!!! So happy you’re here! I’m planning on spending the holiday weekend lounging, enjoying brunch (all three days) and working on a few art/apartment projects. What are your plans? Anyway, here are a few lovely links sharing articles to kickoff your weekend – enjoy! xx

Beautiful: Oh the Places You’ll Go! At Burning Man

This vintage Ohio University zip-up from American Eagle

Ingrid Michaelson’s take on “Somebody I Used To Know” – love this song

A little inspiration to wake up when it’s still dark outside


“Change is not a holiday on the calendar”

The glass is always half full – a optimistic new way to look at the world’s current events

23 lessons I’ve learned in 23 years of life

Zocdoc is seriously the easiest {and best} way to book a doctor’s appointment!

Facebook is making us miserable

How nine people define success

Cute, cute, cute iPhone case

The importance of shutting down your computer/phone every once in awhile

10 Tips for a Meaningful New Years (and Life)

Don’t get stuck. 

15 questions to ask yourself to figure out if you’re on the right path


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