Defining Success: Part 2

Hello hello! Today is the second post is a series about success. I asked several friends and family members how they define success – and what success looks like to them personally. Below you will find a few of their lovely and empowering responses! I love how Winston Churchill views success in this quote: Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

No matter how we each personally define success, I wholeheartedly believe that success can’t be achieved by living life passively or by giving up. Being active about pursuing success and staying enthusiastic despite circumstances is key. Don’t forget to read the wonderful definitions from last week and stay tuned for next Tuesday’s post where I’ll share my personal definition of success. Thanks again to all who shared! xx

Gracie {The lovely blogger behind Girl Meets Life}my personal definition of success can be summed up by this quote:“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” My initial response to how I define success was “to do what I love/what I’m passionate about.” But when I really think about it, personal success really isn’t about me at all. Instead, my definition of success is choosing to use my gifts, talents, and voice to make even the slightest difference in the world…or even just one person’s life. I believe that everyone has a purpose and means of helping other people – no matter how big/small/significant it may seem – success is just a matter of whether or not we choose to live that out.

Stephanie {@StephanieFlo, blogging over at}: Success is not measured in accomplishments – to me, it’s measured in effort. Without hard work, it is unattainable. Success is a process, beginning with setting a goal, actively working to achieve it and inevitably, reaching it or learning from the experience for the future.

Grandpa: I would say using your God-given talents to the fullest, be content with what God gave you. Love God, but mostly be thankful to God. Life is like a roller coaster. It has it’s ups and downs. Read 1 Timothy 6:68 “…But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7 For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. 8 But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”

Caitlin {@caitsk8523}: Success is my motivation, drive, and determination to wake up in the morning do my very best at all that I do.  If at the end of the day, I come home with a smile on my face- I call that a job well done.

Kim {@misskimberlyo}: For me, success has always had a lot to do with confidence and believing in myself. There are always going to be instances where people or events try to bring us down, but it is the person who can withstand the trials that are thrown at them and still make their dreams come true that is most successful.

Adriana {from NYC PR Girls}: My definition of success would have to be being truly happy and comfortable in both my personal and business life and aiding in the personal success of others.

Aimee {@aimeerancer}: For awhile, I measured success in tangible forms. I believed that success and being successful was who had the best job, best grades, etc. A completely ignorant thought process. I find that sometimes the people who achieve success the most are the most unhappy. And while I do believe that monetary success is fantastic, at the end of the day it’s just that–money. I now measure success by the way I feel as a person, as a daughter and as a friend. I think a successful day is ending the evening looking back on the past few hours being and content with what you’ve done, what you said and most importantly, who you are.

Lauren {visit her newly launched blog!}: I think success is being so good at what you do that you get the opportunity to move onto the next level and be challenged in a new way.  Consequently, I don’t think it’s one end-all, be-all thing.  I don’t think it’s what you have once you’ve made a certain amount of money or have been promoted to a certain level.  Those things may go along with it, but in reality it’s all the little steps to getting there that are really successes.  I think it’s applicable in your personal (non-work) life in the same way.  You’re successful in a relationship when you’ve grown to a new level in it that’s a little deeper and a little more real than before.  You’re successful in a family when your role is always expanding – when you’re giving more, sacrificing more, contributing more.  This definition makes being successful seem really daunting, but really it just reveals that perfection is a moving target and we need to celebrate each of the little successes.

Maddie {@MaddieGaither}: Success. Hmm. I think the first thing that comes to mind is happiness. Success isn’t a prestigious job position or a fat pay check, it’s being happy and taking pride in the work you do everyday. I feel successful when I run more than 3 miles or make a meal that doesn’t come from a freezer bag; when I do anything that I ordinarily wouldn’t. The most important thing is to remember to not stack up your own successes against anyone else’s. Essentially, everyone has different things that make them happy…so everyone will have a different take on what “success” really means. :)

Catherine {@catcald}: For me, I look to people I admire in defining personal success. Personal success is not simply making one’s way up the corporate ladder; it is instead positively influencing and inspiring those around you.


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