Thursday Thankful List

Happy positive Thursday queens! How has your week been? I have a feeling you might agree with me on this one: four-day work weeks are much better than five-day work weeks. I’m making this week a good one and super excited for the weekend {as always}! I don’t really know what your week looks like or how things are going for you. I’m hoping you are wonderful and happy, but quite often, we just aren’t. Not every day and week is amazing and that’s okay! I want to reassure you that if you are feeling sad, anxious, angry, upset, or just plain weird; embracing thankfulness and gratitude is a surefire way to change your mood around. Recognizing what you are thankful is key. Experiencing thankfulness and appreciation for even small things is the path to joy! Here is what I’m thankful for today:

Cups of tea
Breakfast for dinner
Working with smart people
Throw pillows
Being able to wear a jacket
Giving advice to people younger than me
Hearing the microwave go off (and knowing popcorn is ready!)
Sparkly nail polish
Always staying curious
This Lesley Gore quote {and the image below!}: I don’t know any other lifestyle. I get up in the morning and I really do feel that the world is my oyster, and I start that way, the same as I would if I were preparing to write a song: put a blank piece of paper up on the piano and you go for it.

Telling other people about a really good book
Reading a really good book
First lighting a match
Trying a new, delicious recipe
How funny it is that something seems to always be semi-wrong with/broken in my apartment
Celebrating everyday, simple things
Dinner parties
Crawling into bed early with a book and my journal
Friends that are reliable
Dressing in a way that makes me happy!

Going to the movie theater
Being challenged and inspired by the way these people define success {and these people too}
Days off work
Being inside when it’s raining
Clearing my Inbox
Fresh flowers in the living room
Being super productive in the morning
Late night cereal
Meeting new people
Homemade florentine soup {need to share the recipe!}
Talking about the future
Waking up to text messages
My parents lovely 25 years of marriage! Woo hoo!

Saying hello to strangers
Circle scarves
My new bright red maxi skirt {can’t wait to share a pic!}
Swimming again
Being in the public library
Doctor’s appointments
Putting on pajamas at the end of the day
Joyful days
TV shows about pandas
Going to the art store
Turning an old calendar into this wall art

Replaying Beyonce and Gwen on repeat. Yes.
Writing letters to friends in the mail
The sound when you first pop a bottle of champagne
Bubble baths
Coffee dates during work
10 Tips for a Meaningful New Years (and Life)
Laughing a lot
Talking to someone I haven’t talked to in forever
When someone puts into words into what I’m trying to say
Trader Joes
Prayer warriors
Really effective brainstorms
The shape of clouds
Doing, acting being, living good.


2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. I absolutely adore your blog. I have it bookmarked on my web browser and check it almost every day. Your Thursday Thankful Lists do so much for me and remind me to be thankful all the time!

    Thank you!

    • Sarah – thank you for your sweet comment! I’m glad Polish My Crown can be a good-to source of inspiration and most importantly – thankfulness!

      Enjoy your weekend! xx

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