Thursday Thankful List…on a Tuesday.

Hey girl hey {and boys, definitely not discriminating around here}! I’m switching it up on my blog today and posting my Thursday Thankful List today…on Tuesday! Sometimes I feel like I get trapped into being extra thankful on Thursdays. It’s my favorite day of the week, I always post Thankful Lists on Thursdays, it’s almost the weekend. Thankfulness does not stay top-of-mind on Tuesdays, which is something that I don’t love. Something I need to actively and daily remind myself is that every day should be just as thankful as Thursday. Every day I have the opportunity to count my blessings, celebrate the big and small and be very thankful and appreciative for what is around me. Hope you do the same xo!

Catching up with friends far away
Meeting new friends for dinner
Cozy cardigans
Day drinks
That my dad just bought his own cell phone.
New music jams
But…replaying the same song over and over
Sitting next to Sarah
Exploring new neighborhoods
Wine bars
Brunch plans! {Making these cake batter pancakes this weekend}

Going to church
New books to read
Design inspiration a la this inside look at Jenna Lyons’ home
Delighting in the details
Staying in on a Friday night
Inside jokes
These adorable cards I just purchased!
Red lipstick {and lip gloss and chap stick…}
Effective brainstorms
Fabulous ideas
These words from Seth Godin
Appreciating the simplicity and elegance of life!

Decaf hazelnut coffee
Comfy, cozy reading nooks
Answered prayers
Falling asleep immediately
Finishing a really good book
Good Mondays
Outgoing people
The Black Keys
20 Tips for Influencing People at Work {and life!}
This promise from Jeremiah 29:11: “…I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.”
Reading up on SF Girl by Bay‘s blog
Girlfriends {and adorable hair pieces of course}

Pink nail polish
Stretching my back
Post-it Notes
Walks around the block during work
Feeling appreciated
Christmas lights {especially when it’s not the holiday season}
Drinking lots of water throughout the day
Kris Carr’s Love List
Remembering there is MORE to life than your job
Helpful, reassuring and kind doctors
These ASOS LOVEHEART Ballerina Flats

Diner brunch dates
Washing my hands
Moments that remind me to stay humble
Hugs. Big hugs.
Newborn babies
Being from Ohio
The Food Network
When you call someone on the phone and they are super excited to hear your voice
Catch-up phone calls with Kellie
How a cup of coffee makes things/situations/life much better.


5 responses to “Thursday Thankful List…on a Tuesday.

  1. So right about the coffee! Today is a very sad day for me so your thankful list is more than welcome and I read with a cup of coffee in my hand. I hope the coffein helps with healing, too. I really wish!

    • Juliane – Thanks for your comment! Coffee ALWAYS makes my days a little easier. Thinking of you today – I’m sorry it’s a sad day for you – hope it gets much much better. xx

  2. God, those cake batter pancakes look AMAZING. Also, have to agree with you on being from Ohio.

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