Life isn't meant to be comfortable

Inspirational Quote

I’ve been thinking about something lately. Maybe it’s because my ten month anniversary in San Francisco is quickly approaching, maybe it’s because of a networking event I attended Tuesday evening, maybe it’s because I’ve been replaying a few moments from my past. There’s one common theme here: Life isn’t meant to be comfortable.

Hear me out on this one: the moments that provide us the most opportunity are the ones that are the scariest. Living a ‘safe’ and ‘convenient’ life isn’t helping us at all. Take moving across the country right out of college for example. Had I ever been west of Missouri? No. Did I know anyone in California? No. Had I ever had a “real job” before? No. Did that stop me? No.

But this blog post isn’t about me; it’s about YOU. Stop and think about experiences – big and small – that have pushed you outside of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s speaking publicly at a large event. Maybe it’s quitting your job or choosing to end a relationship. Maybe it’s finally acknowledging you are not happy in a situation you’re in and taking a leap of faith to change your circumstances. All of these things may bring a lot of fear, but they also bring a whole lot of opportunity.

I am a huge advocate for the fact that life isn’t meant to be comfortable because being comfortable is safe. And safe is boring. Today, take a chance and make the proactive decision to choose to be brave. I promise you this courage is always rewarded.



6 responses to “Life isn't meant to be comfortable

  1. Even the Cowardly Lion had Courage!
    Thanks Andi for another great post!

    • Thanks Rayne! I remember on my first day in CA you told me that bravery is always rewarded – and it definitely has proved to be true :) So blessed to have your wisdom in my life!

  2. A great message!

  3. This is exactly what I needed to read today. You never cease to amaze me! I loved catching up with you the other day, and the card you sent brought an instant smile to my face! :)

    Love you! Thank you for everything! xx


    • Kellie – it was SO good to hear your voice. I’ve been in your situation girlfriend – and SO SO excited for the huge opportunities in front of you. So inspired to see you not giving in to fear :) Can’t wait to chat soon! xx

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