dose of joy {by catherine}

Hi! I’m going to start a fun feature on here sharing little doses of joy. Sometimes, exactly what we need to hear {aka read} are reminders of those little things that make life sweeter and more enjoyable. I’ll be writing some doses of joy, but I’ve also asked several lovely friends to share as well.

Polish My Crown

meet Catherine. Here’s ten things that provide her a daily dose of joy:

Savoring a cup of piping hot morning blend paired with a copy of the New York Times in the morning
Meeting new people
This blog:
Phoenix Pandora Radio Station
Zen Tazo Tea
Fage Yogurt with honey
Relaxing with Yoga
Grace and patience of others
Coffee chats with good friends
Being tall, but standing proud in heels

what little things provide you a daily dose of joy? Send me a quick email, I’d love to share with everyone!


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