Balance, among other things.

Polish My Crown
Good morning sunshines! Today, I want to talk about balance. Anytime I hear the word balance, my mind shifts to my childhood gymnastics class. I’m standing on the beam hoping and praying my skinny wobbly legs will support the rest of my body. I’m holding my hands as firmly as I can to the sides in order to make sure I don’t tip one way or the other. The right side of my body wants me to lean one way, the left the other. Don’t forget my chest is trying to pull me flat on my face and off the beam. I’m clenching my body so tightly as I slowly walk foot in front of foot determined to not slip. All of a sudden, I wobble to the left. Then fling my body to the right. Back and forth, back and forth. Until – SPLAT. Off the balance beam.

Figuring out what balance in my adult life looks like is very similar to those childhood gymnastics classes. I’m going to take a wild guess you’re in the same situation! Work or school are pulling us in one direction – taking what seems to be all of our time and energy. Our family and relationships might be pulling in another direction. Our interests and hobbies {for me: writing, swimming, enjoying fun dinners with friends} jump in there too as well as our never ending to-do list. We are almost always being pulled, twisted and shifted into focusing our lives on one portion of life and end up neglecting the other important aspects.

A few examples I see and hear about often: You work 60+ hours a week and don’t end up going to the gym at all. You spend all your time with your boyfriend and don’t end up seeing your girlfriends for a month. You wake up early to get every single thing on your to-do list done and end up depriving yourself of sleep and rest. You spend time thinking and stressing about what you want and need, and neglect to be thankful for what you do have. Enough is enough!

We are all very busy people; determining what areas of life need attention at what times can be very difficult. What we want to spend our time, energy and focus on might not be possible at that given moment. We literally drive ourselves crazy by overworking one area of life and then immediately try to fling ourselves in the opposite direction.

Think of your day-to-day life as if you were walking down a balance beam. Visually picture the things in life that are pulling and shifting your time, energy and attention. Are any of these things pulling you so far that you’re on the verge of falling off? Take time to recognize those things and work on shifting your life, time and actions back to center. Remember, it’s not just time management but it’s boundary and energy management. Refuse to let one small portion of life leave you unbalanced!

As a child, what assured me as I walked down that balance beam was what is under me. Lots and lots and lots of padded mats. As adults, we are all going to slip off our “life balance beam.” We are often in the mindset of go, go, go; and then fall flat on our face after failing to neglect that we need things like oh, sleep, for example. It’s a tricky thing to figure out; there’s no quick solution or equation to immediately “fix” your life when it’s off balance. What you can do is hop right back on after falling and keep walking. Stand up a little straighter, focus your eyes on what’s ahead and keep moving forward. We always have the opportunity to rest, recharge and reboot after tumbling down and before heading back on to give it – a balanced, more peaceful and therefore, happier life – another try.

Thank goodness for those mats!
Polish My Crown

I initially planned *this post to share tips on how I attempt at achieving balance in life, but instead it turning into more of a story. I like it though, hope you did too! I will definitely be sharing my advice on life balance in the near future. xx!


5 responses to “Balance, among other things.

  1. It’s so odd that you wrote this today! I just went to a training last night and the entire focus was on balancing your life! Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something…

    Either way, thanks for sharing! Great info, as always!

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