Thursday Thankful List

When life is in balance
Kind neighbors
Decorating ideas
Weekend getaways
Casual Fridays
LUSH bath bombs
Memorizing quotes and verses
When a book is so good it’s hard to put down
When people advocate on your behalf
A glass of crisp white wine
Walks around the park
Candid photos {THE best}
Andi Teggart
Not being tan, and being okay with it {tell that to 17-yr-old me}
Being tourist-y
Words that have more vowels than consonants {queue, Aquarius, ukelele}
Buying concert tickets
The first sip of flavored coffee
Painting my nails in fun colors
An empty inbox
Golden retrievers
Having a good hair day
Walking in the sand
Digging my feet in the sand
Okay, everything about being at the beach. Period.
Freshly washed towels
Phone calls with my grandma
Remembering what actually are the best things in life:
Polish My Crown
Entering a new week with a new {better} attitude
Remembering how much has changed since this post
Meeting new, smart and inspiring people
Swimming laps after work
Orange juice
Feeling better after working out
Hearing people play the piano
Little girls with flowers in their hair
Talking with Melissa more regularly!
New songs that immediately become favorites
Old songs that will always be favorites
Skyping with these two silly sisters

Pinterest {I am addicted}
A blog to write and share on!
Wasabi peas
Foggy mornings
The power of prayer
Cuddling with someone
Taking time to watch Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann’s keynote at Alt Summit
Flannel shirts
Texts from my dad
Solving problems
Feeling at peace
Janet’s This Confetti Life blog
Champagne/mimosa for any occasion:
Polish My Crown Blueberry granola
Boys who dress well
Living in a city where I don’t need a car
People who say thank you
A new pair of shoes
Monthly resolutions {and sticking to them!}
The cuteness of My Cakies blog
Trips to Target
People who are patient
Jordan visiting last weekend!

Rereading previously Thursday Thankful Lists {like this one and this one}
Letting myself have lazy days
Honest conversations
Waking up from a happy dream
This song
Booking Kerry’s flight to SF!!!
Going out to eat and realllllly enjoying the meal {and company}
Our new “brunch at home” tradition
Feeling strong {both physically and mentally}
Tips for having a better day:
Polish My Crown


2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. I’m blushing! How sweet of you to include me on such a wonderful list! I’m thankful for your bright outlook!

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