TEDx: The Happy Secret to Better Work

This is an incredibly valuable way to spend 12 minutes. Shawn Achor explains a reverse formula for success. People often think “If I work harder, I will be more successful. If I’m successful, I’ll finally be happy.” No, no, no. It’s quite the opposite; people end up being much more miserable when they equate success to happiness. He highlights five key changes to train your brain to become more positive by focusing on the present:

    • 3 Gratitudes: writing down three new things you are thankful for allows your brain to retain and scan the world for the positive things first
    •  Journaling: writing down one positive experience you had in the past 24 hours allows your brain to relive the same experience
    •  Exercise: teaches your brain that your behavior matters
    •  Mediation: allows your brain to get over the cultural ADHD that we creating by trying to do multiple tasks at once
    • Random Acts of Kindness: are conscious acts of kindness; praise or thank someone once per day.

Hope you enjoy this video and Shawn’s wise words as much as I did! Don’t forget, my new site positivethursday.com highlights little things to be thankful for and positive about. xx!


3 responses to “TEDx: The Happy Secret to Better Work

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