dose of joy {by anna}

Polish My Crown

meet Anna, my lovely friend/wonderland-lusting blogger/fellow swimmer/Pinterest queen! Here’s ten things that provide her a dose of daily joy:

Waking up snuggled between pink and green flamingo-patterned sheets
A home-brewed cup of coffee
My daily douse of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Receiving letters in the mail
Going for a run outside {no matter the weather}
Wearing bright pink lipstick and pearls
Striking up a conversation with a stranger
The perfect bowl of oatmeal
Practicing yoga
Friends who continue to inspire on a daily basis

what little things make you happy? Submit your own dose of joy by emailing me!


4 responses to “dose of joy {by anna}

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  2. I should have included your blog as one of my daily doses! Thank you for always inspiring and encouraging. Consider my latest blog post ( as a thank you for your positive influence on my life. Love you girl!

    • Anna! Thanks for your comment and your lovely Daily Dose article (on my blog and also on your own!) I forgot to link to YOUR Blog in the original post but just fixed it :) Thanks for being you! xo

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