carry yourself like a queen

Happy, happy Tuesday! I hope you had a fantastic long holiday weekend; I’m remembering Abraham Lincoln’s wise words this week: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Such a wonderful quote reminding me that I can be whoever and whatever I want, but I should always focus on being the best possible version of myself.

Speaking of being the best possible version of oneself, I’m excited to share a guest post that talks alllllll about carrying yourself like a queen. What a crown polish! Anne {@annelw} is a fellow Ohio University graduate who writes at the blog Success and Stilettos; hope you enjoy her post as much as I do! Thank you again to Anne for letting me re-share your wonderful words! xx

Polish My Crown

My mantra has always been to keep a positive attitude at all times. Even when I feel like the
situation cannot possibly be worse {because trust me, it can, so why not be positive about
at least that?}

Hand-in-hand with staying positive is the idea of always wearing your invisible crown.

Carry yourself like a Queen and you will attract royalty. Not only is this true for a significant
other, but it’s true for everyone we come in contact with. Think about say, the Duchess of
Cambridge: before she really became royalty, she carried herself like royalty. Always be
gracious, always kinder to people than you feel like being, always having a smile on your
face, despite how you may feel inside. Carry yourself with strength and dignity. This
is the key to happiness (after all, we create our own happiness, and if you’re happy on the
inside, it will shine through to the outside). Trust me, it rubs off on people.

“Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice,
but because you are.”

“Show class, have pride and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.”
Paul Bryant

Be gracious and show class if it kills you. First and foremost, be proud of yourself and
display exemplary character. To me, this is what wearing an invisible crown means. Doing
this helps create a positive attitude and personal happiness.

Remember: always wear your invisible crown because being a queen is important.


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