Thursday Thankful List

Today, I am seeing life with eyes wide open by remaining thankful at ALL times. I’ve noticed a lot of people refuse to believe they deserve happiness and therefore, deserve to feel thankful at all times. I’ve noticed people who are selective about when to experience and showcase gratitude. What I also have noticed is that the only way to truly be able to notice all there is to be thankful for is by living life with eyes wide open. Actively rather than passively. Cheerfully rather than sullenly.

Trust me, I get it, I get it, I get it. There are always things that somehow bring us down, bother us, occupy our attention span and thought process. Today, I encourage you to combat every feeling of annoyance, sadness, overwhelming, depression by saying thank you. For anything, for everything. Seriously….try it.

There can {and should be} thankfulness in the here and now! Below you’ll find this week’s Thursday Thankful List as well as some lovely thankful lists from Twitter girlfriends. xx

  • best friends in the world, my new job, peanut butter, soft blankets & my TOMS that are no longer MIA! (@alexavenoy)
  • r&b, pilates, apples and little sisters (@ambelinaaa)

The library
The moment I get in bed at night
Lusting over shoes online with Christine
Pausing to count my blessings
Visiting my old teachers from high school and elementary school
Old man walking down the street with a bouquet a flowers
Hilarious {honestly, the funniest!} texts from my sisters
Staying present in the moment
Hearing people play the piano
How quickly little kids grow up
People who are kind
Visiting Rayne
Mornings with coffee in my hand
Holding on to hope
Polish My Crown
Much-needed catch-up sessions
Flavored coffee creamer
When different shades of blue in the sky hit each other
Families on vacation
Honey Wheat pretzels from Trader Joes
Waking up early
Staying up late
Replaying the song “How Beautiful” {reminds me of my cousin Erin!}
Impromptu and random lunches outside during work
People who carry themselves in queen-y fashion
Granny smith apples
How wearing flowers automatically puts me in a happier mood:
Polish My Crown
The opportunity to talk to young girls about body image
That I’m not in high school anymore
Taking photos in a photo booth
Regaining perspective
Planning a trip
Brand new-ness
Thinking about one year ago today
Remembering the wonderful little things that happen over the little annoying things in our day-to-day life
Paint swatches
Blooming green plant on my dresser
Rereading this post
Peace that passes all understanding
Being okay with change
Reminding myself what really, really matters
Bright colored tights
Finding an item at the store you just MUST purchase
That this is what my weekends are turning into:
Polish My Crown
The way music makes me feel
Hitting the “REFRESH” Button on life
“You are loved, you are worthy, you are beautiful.”
Productive days
When a cut, burn or scrape heals
Fun and happy news!
Crawling into bed at 8 pm with my journal + a hot cup of tea
Fur jackets {yes, bought another one!}
Remembering the glass is always half full:

Polish My Crown


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