Let nothing enslave you.

Polish My Crown

Dear Gutsy Girl,

One of the hardest and most important missions that we must put on our “missions to conquer” to-do list is to absolutely, positively, thoroughly and mercifully forgive ourselves.

This is not a once in a lifetime mission…this is an every day mission. We must allow ourselves the grace we need to move forward fearlessly into the lives we want to live. We must forgive ourselves for the mistakes, regrets and lacks that we have been allowing to block us from everything we truly yearn for.

Of course, we must always always always do our best each day, always  choose the best we know to choose, always seek out truth and light…but we must expect that at times we will fall, at times we will make giant mistakes. There will be things that we will not be proud of. When this happens, we must get back up and keep ging. We must forive ourselves.

Let nothing enslave you, especially your own incredible self, beautiful friend.

You are so very loved, so very important.

{via Brave Girls Club}

One response to “Let nothing enslave you.

  1. Amen sister! Loved it!

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