Thursday Thankful List

We made it to Thursday! This week has been a lot busier than normal work weeks, but it definitely made the time fly a little bit faster. I’m looking forward to a slow and lazy weekend. I actually have a few home decorating ideas up my sleeve – planning on heading to the hardware store today or tomorrow!

Thinking about thankfulness and gratitude today, I want to encourage you to not view certain situations, experience and people in your life as your right. It is a divine privilege, a gift. Cynthia Ozick’s words are resonating my head: “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” We quite often forget to be thankful for things that are the most important. Our bodies, the people in our life who love us unconditionally, our five senses, the ability to think and act and live, the weather, the opportunity to experience a new day. Today, show gratitude for things that mean the most!

Here’s a short list of things I’m thankful for today! I’d love to hear what YOU are thankful for; share in the comments or tweet me @luckyandi

Meeting new people
Seeing old faces
Finishing a good book
Little doses of joy
Decorating ideas
Aimee‘s mom sent us eight boxes of K-Cups!
Finding old pics {like this one from junior high!}
Polish My Crown
Going out to dinner at a new restaurant
My quote obsession
Laughing about something from days ago
Sunlight peering through my kitchen windows mid-day
Jen’s beautiful artwork. This girl is TALENTED!
A girls shopping trip
Painting with watercolor
The Gossip Girl Spotify playlists {SO good}
Unexpected hilarious weekends
Living in San Francisco:
Polish My Crown
The feeling after a really tough workout
How quick sisters forgive one another
Really nice bus drivers
Spending less money than anticipated
Feeling pretty after manicure/pedicure
Looking forward to visitors
Rooms with flowers or plants
My mom
Crunchy leaves on the ground
Poached eggs + English muffins
Having something to look forward to
When the mailman arrives!
Finding ways to love myself
Staying present in the moment:
Polish My Crown
Email chains with Sam and Steph
Painting projects {I have a good one coming!}
Mixing stripes with florals
When a mint melts in your mouth
Feeling satisfied
Watching a flower bloom
Community groups
Sitting outside in February
Big bowls of popcorn!
Dream bedrooms:
Polish My Crown
Choosing to be kind everyday
The 75 wonderful years of grandpa’s life! Happy Bday!
The first day of a new month
Bright red things
Reevaluating things in life
My journal
One year ago today {I announced I was moving to SF!}
Polish My Crown


One response to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. Dead pent content, thank you for selective information. “You can do very little with faith, but you can do nothing without it.” by Samuel Butler.

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