Choose to shine

Good morning! Happy Wednesday/Hump Day/mid-week/3 days until Friday! After reading my little sister Hope’s blog post yesterday, I was inspired to write even more about how important it is to shine. What does it mean to shine, exactly? Here’s a few literal definitions:


1. to give forth or glow with light; shed or cast light.
2. to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle.
3. to be or appear unusually animated or bright

I love the words of Dan Custer:  “Every morning is a fresh beginning. Every day the world is renewed. Today is a new day. I have lived all my life up to this moment. This moment, this day, is as good and wonderful as any other. I choose to make the most of this day. I choose to cherish each moment. This is my day of opportunity. Today I shine.” 

Today, I encourage you to shine. To possess something so radiant in spirit that can’t be taken away from you. To refuse to be defeated, diminished or discouraged by those who try to dull you. To sparkle. To bring your God-given sunshine to every situation you approach. To brighten the lives of those around you. To shine brightly, boldly! I’m definitely trying to do the same! xx

Polish My Crown


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