Thursday Thankful List: 5×5

I decided to switch up my typical Thursday Thankful List posts and quickly jot down five things I’m thankful for in five different areas of my life.   Let’s just call it a quick 5×5. What are you thankful for? xx

Five things I’m thankful for about my family:

1. That while my dad pretends he is annoyed with me, he secretly loves when I call him at work
2. My mom’s encouraging and loving text messages and handwritten cards
3. That Kerry will be here TOMORROW!
4. Katie’s fiery spirit and loyalty
5. That Hope is smarter {and making way better choices} that I was in high school

Five things I’m thankful for about living in San Francisco:
1. An incredibly warm and sunny January and February
2. Proximity to Tahoe, Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, Santa Cruz – pretty much beaches and wineries!
3. That the view of the Golden Gate Bridge never ceases to amaze me
4. That this city has finally taught me how to layer like a pro
5. So, so, so many friendly and kind people!

Polish My Crown

Five things I’m thankful for about my job:
1. The brilliant people I work with
2. That I can wear {pretty much} whatever I want
3. Opportunities to grow
4. That I can learn more and more daily about the digital space {and get paid for it!}
5. People like Jenna, Tom, Santi, Christine, Amy, Michelle, Kim, Paul, Lisa, Zach, Cat and Kait {to name a few}

Five things I’m thankful for about my friends:
1. That distance makes the heart grow fonder
2. That we can pick up right where we left off
3. That most of them talk to someone else in my family daily
4. That they are my #1 cheerleaders
5. Nights like this:

Five things I’m thankful for related to blogging:
1. The opportunity to communicate with people I wouldn’t have otherwise met
2. The insanely supportive and loving community
3. The release that writing gives me – makes me feel so so happy!
4. Being able to read 45 weeks of Thursday Thankful Lists whenever feeling a bit ungrateful
5. Random emails that remind me why I blog in the first place – THANK YOU!


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