March Resolutions

1. Spark creativity: This month, I want to constantly be utilizing the right-side of my brain – the creative side. I want to really focus on looking at things through a black and white angle, but instead through a wide range of colors. I want to be imaginative and be inspired by my imagination – not just by my to-do list. A few creativity tips? Think like a child, imagine you are far away, laugh it up and travel. Living in a big city also helps {although I feel equally creative in small-town Ohio as I do here in SF!}

 polish my crown

2. Enjoy company: With lots of visitors coming this month and lots of good friends here, I want to focus on really soaking up the in-person time I have with some of the best people I know. I want to catch up with them – not through Twitter updates or Instagram pics but through one-on-one conversations!

Polish My Crown

3. Be kind: Kindness is easier said than done and in March, my resolution is to go OUT OF MY WAY to be kind to others. There is always time in the day to be courteous to others, even if it’s just a simple smile, hello or thank you. I love the quote “if we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.”

Polish My Crown

4. Do four new things: I hate being stuck. This includes my job tasks and gym workouts to my meals and outfit choices and everything in between. It’s very important for me to be thinking and living out-of-the-box. This month, I am challenging myself to branch out and try four new things. So far, I’ve skipped my normal swimming workout for a completely different strength-building one, and love the switch-up in my routine! Details to come.

Polish My Crown

5. Buy passport and plan travel: Can you believe I don’t have a passport?! This month, I’ve been to the post office three times and excited that I’ll *finally* have a passport in my possession in the next few weeks. I also begin planning travel! I just booked a flight to Ohio in May to visit Athens and my family and have trips planned for Chicago in July, Pittsburgh in September and back to Ohio in October. While I’m thrilled for my many trips scheduled back to the Midwest, I need to begin planning a trip to Europe for 2013!

Polish My Crown

6. Invest in relationships: As a blogger, I love love love talking with people that I haven’t met in person, but through the online space. One of the joys of writing this blog is that I can communicate and meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s very important to me to not let my previous relationships and in-person relationships suffer from this though! This month, I want to dig deeper into my pre-existing wonderful relationships with family and friends. This means spending time with these people more often, talking with these people more often and praying for these people more often. 

7. DIY projects: I’ve always loved a good DIY project. I do have to admit; my projects are usually home decor/fashion-focused, not “repair-like!” This month, I bought the perfect shade of yellow paint to update my desk chair and a little bench. I also bought the supplies to make my own chalkboard paint. Do you have any fun ideas for DIY projects? Send my way!

polish my crown

8. Positive self-esteem and body image: On Polish My Crown, I write about positive body image and self-esteem daily but find it much easier to write about it rather than believe it. Ouch, not good! This month, I want to be very conscious and aware of when negative self-talk goes through my head and actively remember that I am more than my body, job, relationships, age, income, or whatever else is bothering me in that moment. Being a queen means truly embracing just how wonderful you really are – and I need to work on it sometimes too!

polish my crown



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