Thursday Thankful List: Fri – Thurs


  1. Kerry landing in San Francisco!
  2. Power naps after work
  3. Hazelnut coffee refills
  4. Greyhounds at 3 pm
  5. Um, Fridays in general

Polish my crown


  1. Making brunch at home {especially a new fruit pizza!}
  2. When weekends are sunnier than rainy weekdays
  3. Nights in, including popcorn, hot tea and a chick flick
  4. Mint-colored jeans
  5. A tourist-y, hilarious, friend-filled St. Patricks Day


  1. A table of ten for brunch at Harry’s
  2. OU beating Michigan
  3. Chanting “OU Oh Yeah!” loudly and proudly
  4. Riding hotel elevators to see pretty views of the city
  5. An impromptu boat trip
polish my crown


  1. Work days that fly by!
  2. Tomato bisque soup
  3. Uncontrollable laughter
  4. Homemade pizzas
  5. Refreshing reminders:

polish my crown


  1. The sound of waves hitting the side of a ferry boat
  2. Places that feel like home
  3. Sleeping in past 7 am
  4. The first bite of an amazing meal
  5. Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge
andi teggart


  1. Digging my feet in the sand
  2. Seashells
  3. Blaring Taylor Swift while screaming at the top of my lungs every lyric
  4. Girly days {blowouts + pedicures}
  5. Feeling really really small next to the glorious redwood trees
polish my crown
  1. Text messages of good news — and good things to come
  2. Good hair days
  3. Friends who come to visit {and friends that are here to stay}
  4. Rereading thankful lists
  5. That today is a new day

polish my crown



2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List: Fri – Thurs

  1. I agree with everything except sit-ups!

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