dose of joy {by sam}

polish my crown

meet my friend sam, who is quite possibly the most adorable person I know. she also enjoys huge flowers in her hair, random acts of kindness and a healthy coffee addiction as much as I do, which makes me love her even more! here’s a few lovely things that bring her joy:

  1. Spontaneous hikes to watch the sunset- I’m lucky to live in a place surrounded by mountains. Once in a while, I have to take advantage of that by pulling over on my way home from work and hiking to watch the sunset. Always keep a pair of spare tennies in your car!
  2. Kate Spade’s Spring 2012 Collection- I try not to take fashion too seriously, and I feel like Kate Spade depicts that perfectly in their spring line.
  3. Girl Scout Cookies- A simple pleasure that I’ve enjoyed my whole life! Thin mints are the best, of course.
  4. right and bold being in for spring fashion!- Just what everyone needs after a long winter.
  5. Trying new restaurants- I love any excuse not to cook or clean, plus it’s a perfect excuse to catch up with a friend!
  6. Treats from the Farmer’s Market- Eat local and fresh! Also, the best people watching.
  7. Ohio pride- Nothing makes me happier than meeting a fellow Ohioan.
  8. Arizona sunshine- A healthy does of Vitamin D all year long!
  9. Doing nice things for the people I love- Actions really do speak louder than words!
  10. Writing and living by my own manifesto!- I read my “manifesto” daily. It helps remind me of what I want in life and what I need to do to get there.

I want to hear what brings YOU joy – click that “email me” button to the right and let me know! Find more Dose of Joy posts/inspiration here. xx!


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