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Thursday Thankful List: Fri – Thurs


  1. Kerry landing in San Francisco!
  2. Power naps after work
  3. Hazelnut coffee refills
  4. Greyhounds at 3 pm
  5. Um, Fridays in general

Polish my crown


  1. Making brunch at home {especially a new fruit pizza!}
  2. When weekends are sunnier than rainy weekdays
  3. Nights in, including popcorn, hot tea and a chick flick
  4. Mint-colored jeans
  5. A tourist-y, hilarious, friend-filled St. Patricks Day


  1. A table of ten for brunch at Harry’s
  2. OU beating Michigan
  3. Chanting “OU Oh Yeah!” loudly and proudly
  4. Riding hotel elevators to see pretty views of the city
  5. An impromptu boat trip
polish my crown


  1. Work days that fly by!
  2. Tomato bisque soup
  3. Uncontrollable laughter
  4. Homemade pizzas
  5. Refreshing reminders:

polish my crown


  1. The sound of waves hitting the side of a ferry boat
  2. Places that feel like home
  3. Sleeping in past 7 am
  4. The first bite of an amazing meal
  5. Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge
andi teggart


  1. Digging my feet in the sand
  2. Seashells
  3. Blaring Taylor Swift while screaming at the top of my lungs every lyric
  4. Girly days {blowouts + pedicures}
  5. Feeling really really small next to the glorious redwood trees
polish my crown
  1. Text messages of good news — and good things to come
  2. Good hair days
  3. Friends who come to visit {and friends that are here to stay}
  4. Rereading thankful lists
  5. That today is a new day

polish my crown



Change your mind

Hey, Hey
Did you ever think there might be another way
To just feel better, just feel better about today

Oh no, if you never want to have
To turn and go away
You might feel better, might feel better if you stay

Yeah yeah
I bet you haven’t heard a word I’ve said
Yeah yeah
If you’ve had enough of all your tryin’
Just give up the state of mind you’re in:

If you want to be somebody else,
If you’re tired of fighting battles with yourself
If you want to be somebody else
Change your mind.

Hey, hey
Have you ever danced in the rain
Or thanked the sun
Just for shining- just for shining
Over the sea?

Oh no, take it all in
The world’s a show
And yeah, you look much better,
Look much better when you glow

Hey, hey
What ya say
We both go and seize the day
’cause what’s your hurry what’s your hurry anyway?

This song brings back a lot of memories for me. A few weeks back, we randomly saw a sign that Sister Hazel was playing in San Francisco and we started singing the popular “All for You” song. I remembered there was another Sister Hazel song I loved and finally remembered “Change your Mind.” I first heard this song my freshmen year of high school and the song reminded me that I have the power to change. I have the power and the opportunity to do different, to be different. 

Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do! Listen here. xo

March Resolutions

1. Spark creativity: This month, I want to constantly be utilizing the right-side of my brain – the creative side. I want to really focus on looking at things through a black and white angle, but instead through a wide range of colors. I want to be imaginative and be inspired by my imagination – not just by my to-do list. A few creativity tips? Think like a child, imagine you are far away, laugh it up and travel. Living in a big city also helps {although I feel equally creative in small-town Ohio as I do here in SF!}

 polish my crown

2. Enjoy company: With lots of visitors coming this month and lots of good friends here, I want to focus on really soaking up the in-person time I have with some of the best people I know. I want to catch up with them – not through Twitter updates or Instagram pics but through one-on-one conversations!

Polish My Crown

3. Be kind: Kindness is easier said than done and in March, my resolution is to go OUT OF MY WAY to be kind to others. There is always time in the day to be courteous to others, even if it’s just a simple smile, hello or thank you. I love the quote “if we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.”

Polish My Crown

4. Do four new things: I hate being stuck. This includes my job tasks and gym workouts to my meals and outfit choices and everything in between. It’s very important for me to be thinking and living out-of-the-box. This month, I am challenging myself to branch out and try four new things. So far, I’ve skipped my normal swimming workout for a completely different strength-building one, and love the switch-up in my routine! Details to come.

Polish My Crown

5. Buy passport and plan travel: Can you believe I don’t have a passport?! This month, I’ve been to the post office three times and excited that I’ll *finally* have a passport in my possession in the next few weeks. I also begin planning travel! I just booked a flight to Ohio in May to visit Athens and my family and have trips planned for Chicago in July, Pittsburgh in September and back to Ohio in October. While I’m thrilled for my many trips scheduled back to the Midwest, I need to begin planning a trip to Europe for 2013!

Polish My Crown

6. Invest in relationships: As a blogger, I love love love talking with people that I haven’t met in person, but through the online space. One of the joys of writing this blog is that I can communicate and meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s very important to me to not let my previous relationships and in-person relationships suffer from this though! This month, I want to dig deeper into my pre-existing wonderful relationships with family and friends. This means spending time with these people more often, talking with these people more often and praying for these people more often. 

7. DIY projects: I’ve always loved a good DIY project. I do have to admit; my projects are usually home decor/fashion-focused, not “repair-like!” This month, I bought the perfect shade of yellow paint to update my desk chair and a little bench. I also bought the supplies to make my own chalkboard paint. Do you have any fun ideas for DIY projects? Send my way!

polish my crown

8. Positive self-esteem and body image: On Polish My Crown, I write about positive body image and self-esteem daily but find it much easier to write about it rather than believe it. Ouch, not good! This month, I want to be very conscious and aware of when negative self-talk goes through my head and actively remember that I am more than my body, job, relationships, age, income, or whatever else is bothering me in that moment. Being a queen means truly embracing just how wonderful you really are – and I need to work on it sometimes too!

polish my crown


Mood Board XIV

polish my crown

polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown

Happy Monday queens! Somedays it’s easier to feel like we have that invisible crown on and carry ourselves with our head held high – cheerfully and confidently. For the days you need an extra crown polish, here’s a little extra reminder and queen inspiration! Looking for more Mood Board posts? A few other things I’ve been inspired by include fur, fall, white, glitter, color, the beach, and spring. xx
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown
polish my crown

Friday, friday, friday!

Polish My Crown

Happiest of days to you, friend! I’m beyond excited that today is today because that means my sister Kerry will be here at 5:05 pm! It also means that tomorrow the lovely Ali will be here. It should be quite the queen reunion – I’m really looking forward to it! Here’s a few other lovely things I discovered on the web recently – enjoy! xx

Do You Realize? A gorgeous live version of The Flaming Lips song w/ Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

The easiest way to make or break a habit {love!}

Hipsters can be Bro-y. Bro’s can be hipster-ish. It’s okay.

Delicious egg recipes {via Sweet Paul}

How to be Creative!

These adorable chevron business cards I just ordered

A few Makeup tips/tricks for gals who wear glasses

Breakfast Nooks


Thursday Thankful List: 5×5

I decided to switch up my typical Thursday Thankful List posts and quickly jot down five things I’m thankful for in five different areas of my life.   Let’s just call it a quick 5×5. What are you thankful for? xx

Five things I’m thankful for about my family:

1. That while my dad pretends he is annoyed with me, he secretly loves when I call him at work
2. My mom’s encouraging and loving text messages and handwritten cards
3. That Kerry will be here TOMORROW!
4. Katie’s fiery spirit and loyalty
5. That Hope is smarter {and making way better choices} that I was in high school

Five things I’m thankful for about living in San Francisco:
1. An incredibly warm and sunny January and February
2. Proximity to Tahoe, Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, Santa Cruz – pretty much beaches and wineries!
3. That the view of the Golden Gate Bridge never ceases to amaze me
4. That this city has finally taught me how to layer like a pro
5. So, so, so many friendly and kind people!

Polish My Crown

Five things I’m thankful for about my job:
1. The brilliant people I work with
2. That I can wear {pretty much} whatever I want
3. Opportunities to grow
4. That I can learn more and more daily about the digital space {and get paid for it!}
5. People like Jenna, Tom, Santi, Christine, Amy, Michelle, Kim, Paul, Lisa, Zach, Cat and Kait {to name a few}

Five things I’m thankful for about my friends:
1. That distance makes the heart grow fonder
2. That we can pick up right where we left off
3. That most of them talk to someone else in my family daily
4. That they are my #1 cheerleaders
5. Nights like this:

Five things I’m thankful for related to blogging:
1. The opportunity to communicate with people I wouldn’t have otherwise met
2. The insanely supportive and loving community
3. The release that writing gives me – makes me feel so so happy!
4. Being able to read 45 weeks of Thursday Thankful Lists whenever feeling a bit ungrateful
5. Random emails that remind me why I blog in the first place – THANK YOU!

Choose to shine

Good morning! Happy Wednesday/Hump Day/mid-week/3 days until Friday! After reading my little sister Hope’s blog post yesterday, I was inspired to write even more about how important it is to shine. What does it mean to shine, exactly? Here’s a few literal definitions:


1. to give forth or glow with light; shed or cast light.
2. to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle.
3. to be or appear unusually animated or bright

I love the words of Dan Custer:  “Every morning is a fresh beginning. Every day the world is renewed. Today is a new day. I have lived all my life up to this moment. This moment, this day, is as good and wonderful as any other. I choose to make the most of this day. I choose to cherish each moment. This is my day of opportunity. Today I shine.” 

Today, I encourage you to shine. To possess something so radiant in spirit that can’t be taken away from you. To refuse to be defeated, diminished or discouraged by those who try to dull you. To sparkle. To bring your God-given sunshine to every situation you approach. To brighten the lives of those around you. To shine brightly, boldly! I’m definitely trying to do the same! xx

Polish My Crown