dose of joy {by aimee}

Polish My Crown - Andi Teggart

meet my wonderful roommate/friend since day 1 of college aimee. she brings a whole bunch of joy to my life; here’s a few lovely things that bring her joy!

  • Old friends visiting and feeling like nothing has changed.
  • When my favorite fashion bloggers post every day.
  • Learning a type of business (and actually liking it!) that was once foreign to me!
  • When Pandora plays three of my favorite songs in a row.
  • Hot tea to end a day.
  • Reading a great book and legitimately laughing during it.
  • Friendly bus drivers!
  • Tiny rings.
  • Humongous rings.
  • Unconditional love.

i’m always on the lookout for more dose{s} of joy! email me ten things that make your life a little better and sweeter and i’ll share!

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