FITness Friday with Aerie

…on a Monday! Last Friday marked the first of many collaborations with the team at Aerie around their new FIT collection. Every Friday, Aerie will be sharing five fitness tips and I shared a few Coachella-inspired tips last week. The tips are below:

1. Squeeze in a workout, even when you’re busy! Even those at Coachella this weekend can fit a workout into their festival lineup. The festival is offering free yoga classes each morning to start the day peacefully before enjoying the bands. If festival-goers can fit a yoga class in their schedule, we bet you can too!

2. Turn up the music! If you’re missing Coachella this weekend, download your favorite tunes and get moving! Snappy and fun music can push you to work harder and have more fun while getting your fitness on. Looking for workout music suggestions? Try Girl Talk, M83 and Miike Snow

3. Get a group together. You wouldn’t go to a music festival by yourself, would you? No, because you will have way more fun with friends! The same is true with working out. Get a group of friends together and take a fitness class like Zumba together. Or, just hit the hills together and get moving as a pack!

4. Pack your bag accordingly and in advance. Along with the proper sports bra, top and bottom, don’t forget to pack a water bottle, deodorant, socks, a MP3 player, hair elastics and a stretchy headband to keep your hair out of your face. Nothing is worse than arriving at the gym (or a music festival) without your essential items. Better to be over-prepared than to be left without something you need to fully enjoy and get the most of of your workout.

5. Enjoy the workout. It’s okay if running isn’t your thing or if swimming isn’t your thing. Find the workout that makes YOU happy – you’ll be more motivated and inspired to work out if you enjoy what you’re doing!

Check out the full post on Aerie’s adorable Pretty is Everywhere blog and stay updated on all the FITness Friday fun on Facebook and Twitter. What’s your favorite fitness or healthy living tip? Do share! xo


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