Thursday Thankful List

Morning, queens! I hope your Thursday is very positive & starting off well. Today, I want you to think about choices. Within the first few hours of waking up, you choose whether or not to press “Snooze”, what to wear, whether or not to do your hair, what to have for breakfast, what time to leave the house, whether or not you need a second cup of coffee or not. Choices; we are bombarded with them on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis! It’s so easy to remember that we have direct control over these simple choices. Sometimes, it’s a lot harder to remember another very basic choice: whether or not we will choose to be thankful.

By “be thankful” I mean more than saying thank you. I mean choosing to actively and completely live life out of thankfulness and gratitude. I mean choosing to appreciate all things, all people. I mean choosing to focus on the wonderful things {whether or not they are small or not!} rather than complain about something else. I mean choosing to approach the day with a positive, thankful spirit rather than be ruled by negativity, pessimism and ungratefulness. Just like we have the choice whether to wear heels, flats or whatever your go-to shoe might be, we must consciously CHOOSE to live out our thankfulness.

That’s what I’m doing today; hope you do the same! In the meantime, here’s a few things I’m thankful for! xx

Looking for a few simple things to be thankful for? Click here, here, here, here for ideas!

Getting a seat on a crowded bus
Random strangers complimenting my dress
The color green
Bon Iver concert tonight!!
Much needed catch up dinner with a friend
Pad Thai
Finding random trinkets at the dollar section of Target
The smell of fresh laundry
The awesome Vittorio J team for sending me this tie! Made for a king, so of course I had to send to Connor. Check out their FB and Twitter!

Elsie‘s chalkboard DIY
Talking on the phone with my sisters daily
Working with Aerie on FITness Fridays
Gchats with Cait
Sleeping through the night
Really good dreams
Freshly sharpened pencils
Flavored coffee creamers
When the coffee barista remembers “the regular”
Thinking about a dress and finally just purchasing {H&M’s conscious collection KILLS me!}

Houses that look like they could be in a fairy tale
Different shapes of trees
The “good guys.” I’m sick of the bad!
People who are encouraging
Fringe-y scarves
Avocado. with. everything.
A new view I discovered a few blocks from my home:

polish my crown
A busy agenda
Augustana’s “Boston”
Spending the entire afternoon in the sun
Spending an entire morning cuddled in bed
“What a small world” San Francisco is
Sleepy Time tea
How everyone’s eyes are a different shade and depth of color
The way Skype dates with my sister always turn out…

A quick commute to work
Learning and practicing patience
Sunshine hitting my skin {no tan, yet}
Sushi lunch with new friends
Polka dots
Running downhill
THIS article
The sun peering through the windows


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