Take exquisite care of those minutes that are yours.

THIS Daily Dose from the Brave Girls Club was exactly what I needed to read this weekend. It’s so vital to value and prioritize every single minute you spend of your wonderful life! I hope you enjoy as much as I do and soak up this sunny Sunday! xx

Dear important girl,

Every single time we let something distract us…we are saying no to something really wonderful and important. Watching what other people are doing is a huge distraction from what we could be doing…being envious distracts us from seeing all of our own gifts, blessings and everyday miracles. Doing things just to prove our worth keeps us from doing things that our souls yearn to do….giving our time to things and people we only care about often distracts us from giving our time to things and people that we love with all of our hearts.

Beautiful, amazing friend, be so so honest with yourself and how your time is divided each day. Are you letting even a few precious mintures go by, being distracted by things that you really don’t even care about…or things that actually make you feel unsatisifed with in your own life…or by people or situations that pull you down instead of lift you back up? What is distracting you from taking care of you? Your soul, your body, your heart?

Your life is important. YOU are important. Your minutes, hours and days are important. Love your life and love yourself enough to sweep distractions out of the way so that you can live your one true and beautiful life with all that is in you…giving where you want to give,where you make a difference, where only YOU can give…and where you love every minute of what you are doing…where you can stop and rest when it is time to rest. Great minutes make great hours…and those make great days. When it’s all said and done, that’s what makes a great life. You are soo worthy of a great life. Love your minutes.

You are fantastic. Get some rest this weekend and take care of you. Take exquisite care of those minutes that are yours.

You are so very loved.



5 responses to “Take exquisite care of those minutes that are yours.

  1. Thank you so much for that!!! Love it and will now try to live it!

  2. This is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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