cheerful in every situation

Good morning lovely friends! I like to think of all blog readers as my friends even though I haven’t met many of you in person {yet!}. Anyway, today I want to talk about being cheerful.

Cheerful by the dictionary definition means “Noticeably happy and optimistic, Causing happiness by its nature or appearance.” Many people view cheerfulness as an emotional high or a constant state of happiness or as naïveté.

Instead of viewing cheerfulness as an overwhelming intense feeling of joy or a flat-out refusal of what is going on, I want to encourage you to view it as a settled disposition. Reread that Martha Washington quote up there; it’s brilliant. To me, being cheerful means that you ARE in fact very well aware of what is going on around you, but willing to face the challenges and the day itself head on with a joyful spirit.

I know every day won’t be absolutely wonderful; to be honest some days are just rotten and I want to curl into a ball. I’ll take a wild guess you’ve been there too. Cheerfulness is beyond what is going on in the world around us or what our day-to-day lives hold. Living out of cheerfulness means means approaching situations with the positive expectation that you can overcome them. Because you most definitely can — and will.

Hope you choose to live cheerfully today! xx


7 responses to “cheerful in every situation

  1. Determined to be extra cheerful all day! Thanks Andi!

  2. I love how you address that ‘cheerful’ sometimes implies a naive, clueless way of thinking- and then you stomped that stereotype to the ground haha. You’re so right, willing to face the day’s challenges with a joyful spirit is a perfect definition!

    • Thanks for your comment Megan. I’ve noticed a recent shift in the way I view “cheerfulness” – it’s not something that is fake, perky and constantly happy but confidently handling what’s in front of us in joy.

      Thanks again! xx Andi

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  4. All these motivational picture quotes sound like they were written about you, cheerful girl!


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