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Thursday Thankful List

I’m safe and sound back in San Francisco! The past few weeks feel like a total whirlwind, but I’m very thankful for the time spent with my family and friends. It seems like my trip to Athens was FOREVER ago, but really it was only two weeks ago – today’s Thursday Thankful List documents some things I’m thankful for from each day of our visit. 

A similar day-by-day thankful post can be found here. Happy Thursday!

Thursday, May 17:

XL coffees in the airport
Working from my favorite coffee shop in Athens, Ohio
Hugging someone for the first time in a very long time
Half price drinks
Songs that bring back happy memories
Rounding the corner on the highway and seeing beautiful Ohio University to my right
Everything about Britton
The college ritual of blaring music while getting ready with all my girlfriends
Hysterical laughter, screaming and joy in the CI basement
That Ali let us stay at her house all weekend

Friday, May 18:

Two hour walks
Wearing a tank top and shorts all weekend
Visiting some of my favorite places from college
Afterhours {MISS THIS A LOT}
Finally convincing Courtney to go to the Crystal with me
A very queen-like pasta dinner at Stephens
Feeling really old
Feeling really young
Long, wobbly brick streets
This adorable sign at Brenens coffee shop welcoming the weekend!

Saturday, May 19:

Casa brunch – my fave!
Hot, humid weather
Lounging on a friend’s porch
How nothing really changes
Strawberry daiquiri necklaces
People who can tell a really good story
Reuniting with my old roommates
Jukebox jams. Always!
Silly afternoons
The first bite of a delicious meal {I’ve been craving this salsa for months!}

Sunday, May 20:

Getting coffee with Becca early in the morning
Outside patios
Giving {and receiving} valuable advice
Saying goodbye but knowing you’ll see that person in the very near future
Driving in a car with windows down
Toasted bagels with veggie cream cheese
Feeling at home
Bright and warm sunshine beaming all day long
That I loved college experience & the weekend spent in Athens, but that I’m happy to be right where I’m at now


Investing in Love {Part 3}

So the past two weeks, Eliza has shared about investing in love in your own life. Two weeks ago, she wrote about investing in your own life and last week she chatted about investing in your surroundings. I think you’ll love her third and final post {at least for this series!}. Thanks again to Eliza for openly sharing her story and wonderful advice to all! xo

p.s. follow her on Twitter @newnukem!

Part III: Investors Daily [Love edition]

Surely you’ve the saying around retirement funds – “Invest in today, invest in tomorrow.” Surprise – the same advice applies to life and love. Today’s investments, today’s loves – those are your life. No time like the present to invest your life, your love.

  • Chocolate: it is good for the heart, the brain and the person you share a morsel with. Invest in it today. A high quality morsel shared with a good friend. You just made a memory, might want to snap a picture and surround yourself with what you love.
  • Beer, wine and all pasta or bread-based dishes: same reasons as chocolate. These are simple investments best shared with those you love. Create a memory over sustenance – you have to eat, why not make it count? Notice a theme?
  • Passion: whether it is your job, your hobby or what you share with a significant other, I live passionately and I hope this forever yields more passion. Invest passionately to love passionately. Return? A life full of love. I love snow, some might say I’m passionate about it. So, I moved to place that loves snow as much as I do – Colorado.
  •  Foot rubs: without fail, if I have a foot or backrub I will be relaxed. That makes for a better tomorrow. Same goes for giving on this one.
  • Puppies: no explanation needed.

Back to the inspiration for this post – Andi’s blog and the song from Mumford and Sons – “where you invest your love is where you invest your life.” Thanks for reading along as I explored my list of investing my love because it is where I want to invest my life. I should note that this changes weekly and it should! Not all investments have long-term gains, but today is a good day to start investing in love, investing in your life. How do you invest love? What are the returns for your life?

– Eliza

A Family’s Love {Guest Post by Diana}

Hi! Hope you had a wonderful long holiday weekend. I’m spending today at the lake lounging with my family before heading back to SF tomorrow night – this trip has been such a whirlwind! I’m excited to share Diana‘s guest blog post today; she talks about family and also includes a fun recipe for you to try! 

Thanks again Diana!

Throughout our lives we become a part of various families. Friends, relationships, college roommates and coworkers all become a unique group in our life that I can only equate with the term family. I naturally come from a large family, since both parents are one of four children.  Out of all the things that I’m grateful for it’s this family that I consider my most fortunate gift. It’s this group of love {and humor} that taught me what the word family truly means.

My mom’s side of the family has lived within 15 minutes of each other for the majority of my life. Even though I moved out of the suburbs and into Chicago last summer, this core is a dominant presence in my life.  Impromptu gatherings are never out of the ordinary and the viewing of a Sunday television show can become a mini feast/event.  It’s because of this presence in my life that I never feel alone, (as my sister and I experienced growing up, it also means there are eyes on you at all times). Even with everyone getting older, heading off to college, etc. we’ll never be the kind of family that waits until Thanksgiving to catch up.

I’m fortunate to have that same kind of love on my dad’s side. I don’t see them quite as often since they live in Wisconsin but their presence is always felt. I Skype regularly with my cousin, who now lives in Australia, and we can laugh for hours simply from our childhood memories. My time spent in Wisconsin is a special part of my life and to this day I can’t figure out how my grandma makes Eggo waffles taste so fantastic.

The one thing that I never lack on either side of the family is a good meal. My mom’s side of the family is Jewish, which means I grew up with the comfort of Matzoh ball soup and the overall motto that a gathering is not complete without a mishmosh of food.  Of course, a trip to Wisconsin is never complete without a full spread of ham, cheesy potatoes and homemade bread.  When I look at my life I find it to be no surprise that I have a passion for food. I’ve been taught my entire life to connect it with love.

 To share a piece of this love with all of you, I’m providing a recipe for my favorite banana cake. It doesn’t have an amazing back story of being passed down from generation to generation. It’s just  a recipe that I found in an old Jewish cookbook that I decided to bake one day on a whim. I started making it for family occasions and it quickly became a staple. It’s not garnished with anything fancy, just the simple addition of chocolate chips. With every bite I recall all of the little moments that make me so grateful for a family’s love.

Banana Cake recipe

Adapted from Portal to Good Cooking Vol. IV
1 ¼ cups sugar
½ cup + 2 Tbsp unsalted butter
2 eggs
1 cup mashed banana
¼ cup dairy sour cream
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups all- purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 cup semi- sweet chocolate chips

Cream sugar and butter. Add eggs, mashed bananas and sour cream. Mix until blended. Stir in vanilla. Combine flour and baking soda; add to banana mixture. Pour into greased round 9” circle cake pan. Sprinkle with chocolate chips. Bake at 350°F for 40- 45 minutes.

Outfit Snapshots

Happy Friday {and long holiday weekend}! I’m back in Ohio again after a quick work retreat and spending time here until next week. SO thrilled to have more time to spend with my family! I wanted to share a few more fun outfit snapshots because….why not? Enjoy the weekend! xx

More outfit snapshots here.

Thursday Thankful List: The Joy of Small

The joy of small that makes life large. Hadn’t I personally experienced it before too, that vantage point that gave a sense of smallness before grandeur? At the tip of the Grand Canyon, peering into the carved earth, the vastness of the hewn and many-hued chasm. A late June night peering into the expanse of heavens nailed up with the named and known stars. A moon field. I hardly dare brush the limitlessness with my vaporous humanity. But the irony: Don’t I often desperately want to wriggle free of the confines of a small life? Yet when I stand before immensity that heightens my smallness – I have never felt sadness. Only burgeoning wonder.

I’ve mentioned Ann Voskamp’s book here and here and thought it the above quote from her book was perfect to share today. I always think of her book, especially on Thursdays as I compile Thursday Thankful List blog posts. Recognizing the things that make you feel very small make your entire world so much larger. Like how small I feel sitting in front of the ocean and seeing where water hits the sky; how small I feel compared to the big and unconditional love poured into my life; how small I am standing next to the gigantic redwood trees in the forest; how small I am compared to the millions of other people who are also feeling the same sunshine rays hit their skin. Appreciating and embracing the smallness opens our eyes to the magnificence of the large things. I’m saying thank you for that today! xx

Investing in Love {Part 2}

The lovely Eliza is back to share her second post in the series about investing in love in your life. Enjoy! xx

Part II: Investing in your surroundings

We kicked off this little series with a cross-country move, inspired by this blog! After reviewing how I invest love in myself last week, I suggested checking out a video on life-editing. So, let’s chat about investing in your surroundings. This one will have very different meaning for everyone, but Queens must love what is around them! To invest in your surroundings – think about moments you love, that made you feel good, that inspired your life. Surround yourself in these memories.  Plan your life so you can make more. Invest love in your surroundings to lead to a more inspired day, week, life.

  • Books: they are my love, I have cases of them, I’ve read most of them, but really I keep them because I love the smell of them and they are an escape to anywhere I want to be. You can digitize if you want, but I will never. The spine of a good book reminds me to stand tall and follow my dreams.
  • Light: vitamin D is equally as important as the metaphysical kind. I surround myself with light – in nature and in the people in my life. As my aunt always says when she signs off of a phone call or email, “Love and Light.”
  • White sheets: once perceived to be the ultimate luxury in my eyes, I bought them. They make me feel glamorous and that’s how I want to feel wrapped up in bed. Nobody said investing in your surroundings had to deep!
  •  Sound: whether I need quiet or music, I love the soundtrack that surrounds a moment. Invest in learning the words to your favorite song so you can sing it, throw that song on repeat until you don’t love it anymore, walk outside and listen. Roll the windows down and turn the radio up. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Have a heart to heart with a family member. Love the sound you find.
  •  Memories: a large invest is not required to make a memory, but the love you feel around the best memories is a gift.

The next point is the core aspect of investing in your surroundings.

  • Warm bodies: You know, like the people around you? I invest in relationships with people that I love. The return is immeasurable.

Are you feeling inspired to invest in your surroundings? Just like you’ve seen on Polish My Crown, make an inspiration board, write down the things you want to surround yourself with. The last part of the series will discuss short- and long-term investments, yields and why investing in love today is where you’ll invest your life in the long-run.

– Eliza

do what you love.

What you should not do, I think , is worry about the opinion of anyone beyond your friends. You shouldn’t worry about prestige. Prestige is the opinion of the rest of the world.

This is easy advice to give. It’s hard to follow, especially when you’re young. Prestige is a powerful magnet that warps even your beliefs about what you admire. It causes you to work not on what you like, but what you’d like to like.

Prestige is just fossilized inspiration. If you do anything well enough, you’ll make it prestigious. Plenty of things we now consider prestigious were anything but at first. Jazz comes to mind – though almost any established art form would do. So just do what you like, and let prestige take care of itself.

Prestige is especially dangerous to the ambitious. If you want to make ambitious people waste their time on errands, the way to do it is to bait the hook with prestige. That’s the recipe for getting people to give talks, write forwards, serve on committees, be department heads and so on. It might a good rule simply to avoid any prestigious task. If it didn’t suck, they wouldn’t have to make it prestigious.

How to Do What You Love from Paul Graham. This is a great post & I highly recommend taking five minutes to read the entire thing! Hope you’re having a lovely day xx