Thursday Thankful List

It’s hard to believe this is my 50th Thursday Thursday List blog post! I’m so glad I started writing weekly thankful lists on Polish My Crown because it truly allows me to take a step back and come to reality with all of the goodness and wonderfulness in my life. In my first Thursday Thankful List post, I wrote:

Thursdays are my absolute favorite day of the week and I’ve coined them “Positive Thursday” to remind myself to be extra optimistic on this day of the week. Now, on Thursdays, I will compile a list of little (and some big!) things I’m thankful for, little things that make me smile, little things that make life so much better and so much sweeter. Life is too short and too fabulous to not take time to appreciate just how blessed I am.

Here’s 50 things that remind me just how magnificent life really is! What are you thankful for? xx

    1. The first cup of coffee in the morning
    2. Flavored creamed
    3. Backbends
    4. The unconditional love poured into my life
    5. Understanding the value of hard work
    6. My three sisters: Kerry, Katie and Hope
    7. Hot tea
    8. Looking back on one year ago today
    9. Living life fearlessly
    10. Striped tops

    1. Writing letters to my younger self
    2. Instagram photos
    3. Chugging water after a good workout
    4. Friendship that knows no distance
    5. Sushi two nights in a row with Zach
    6. Having something to look forward to
    7. Spontaneous somersaults and cartwheels
    8. Spending entire days at the beach
    9. Digging feet in the sand
    10. Driving top-down in a convertible

    1. Talking to my grandparents on a regular basis
    2. Lazy Saturdays
    3. Days where you just want to hit the “REPEAT” button on life {last Sunday for me!}
    4. Crew-neck sweatshirts
    5. Where I am from {example 1 and 2}
    6. Obstacles that turn into opportunities
    7. How my mom consistently speaks the truth to me in love
    8. Crisp apples – the smell, the first bite, the crunchiness
    9. When other families treat you’re family
    10. BBQ oysters on the grill

    1. The excitement/relief after you book a plane ticket
    2. Courage
    3. When someone sends you a really good article to read
    4. Getting my back scratched
    5. Fresh flowers and plants in my apartment
    6. Brunch, lunch, dinner {or anything really} with fun friends
    7. My dad
    8. Painting my nails a cheerful color
    9. The smell of evergreen trees and being in the woods
    10. A book that’s too good to put down

    1. Lessons learned {even if it’s the hard way!}
    2. Inspiring role models
    3. All shades of the color blue
    4. Big cozy weekends
    5. Three {or four} day weekends
    6. Learning something new
    7. That I’ll be in Athens two weeks from today!
    8. Cinnamon-flavored candles
    9. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
    10. Joy. Lots and lots of joy!


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