dose of joy {by heather}

Polish My Crown

meet the lovely heather, who I really need to visit in Austin soon! here’s just a few things that bring her a dose of joy:

1. Meeting new people
2. Staying in touch with friends
3. Reacquainting with people
4. Songs that take you back to a certain time in your life
5. Feeling inspired
6. Enjoying every minute of a weekend
7. The warmth of clothes straight out of the dryer
8. A confidence-boosting conversation
9. Prospective trips to see friends and family
10. The possibilities of tomorrow

can you list ten things that bring you joy and happiness? email me {that striped circle button in the top right corner!} and I’ll share yours! xx


2 responses to “dose of joy {by heather}

  1. 1. A peaceful home
    2. paper, scissors and Scotch tape.
    3. bird calls before you open your eyes in the morning
    4. fresh-brewed iced-tea
    5. funny coded communications from friends
    6. Previews before the movie starts
    7. teal and red
    8. making someone smile
    9. sending something fun/unexpected by snail mail.
    10. receiving something fun/unexpected by snail mail.

  2. 1. A peaceful home (I agree with Rayne!)
    2. My teenagers <3
    3. Spending time with my best friends
    4. Freshly brewed coffee
    5. Traveling to new destinations
    6. Seeing old friends after many many years
    7. Relaxing in the sun with a book
    8. Relaxing in the bath with a book (winter time…)
    9. Feeling energized after a long bike trip
    10. A good excuse for a delicious home cooked meal not counting calories after that bike trip!

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