Thursday Thankful List

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having an exciting start to your morning. I am extremely thankful it’s already Thursday…ready for the weekend now! I spent last night in with sushi takeout with Courtney + Aimee so decided to ask them to help with today’s Thursday Thankful List! Here’s a few things WE are thankful for this week:

Walking from inside to outside in perfect weather
Little kids swinging as high as they can
Empty streets on a Sunday morning
Perfect Saturdays in the park
Champagne dates with A & C
Sun peering through the trees
Birds chirping
Being able to help tourists with directions
A new favorite blog
Flea market treasures {I need to show you a pic of my new trunk/chest!}
Taking a good photo

Passion Pit ON REPEAT all week
Swimming more this week
Wearing heels one day & flats the next
Being able to laugh at myself
Uncontrollable laughter
Colorful sandals
Life to-do lists
Walking barefoot
Afternoon lunch in the sunshine
When a weird, stressful situation goes away smoothly
Anticipation of a good thing
Funky necklaces

Walking to work!
Replaying old music that reminds me of high school
EVERYTHING about this article. Read it!
Brunch outside for Cinco de Mayo
Hazelnut coffee
Seeing a cute dog in the park
Healing {physically and emotionally}
Takeout sushi
When people confide in me
Cute cards in the mail from Mom

Winter-flavored candle
Getting lost in a good book
Reading advice articles for recent grads {even though I graduated a year ago}
Ice cream cones
Hot showers
Checking the forecast in multiple cities at once
Patient people
Waking up without an alarm clock
Advice: “You can still be nice while being forward.”
When the gym is empty!
This wonderful guy!

That in one week I’ll be in Ohio {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
Big hugs
Being sore after a good workout
Milkshake breaks
Avocado toast at the ferry building
Sleeping through the entire night
My library card
Inspiring friends
Flowers from Passion Works
Beach trip this weekend!!

Looking for a few other things to be thankful for? Click here, here, here. xo!


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