I love you, Mom.

Mom – I love you for loving me unconditionally, for being patient, for taking me “first bra shopping” and prom dress shopping and dorm room shopping and “real apartment” shopping, for reading us books before bedtime, for staying at home for years to take care of us girls, for being my #1 cheerleader, for praying for me, for taking us on family vacations, for sacrificing, for taking us to VBS and Sunday School, for often making five different dinners for five different picky eaters, for scratching my back, for believing in me, for not letting us quit {anything}, for telling me I’m beautiful, for picking out the perfect Christmas presents, for randomly and frequently sending me cards in the mail, for playing referee, for being confident, for appreciating and recommending good books, for passing on your love of jewelry to me, for being a role model, for always knowing the right thing to say at the right time, for showering everyone in kindness, for being love.

Thank you for being you, Mom! I love you so much. Happy {early} Mother’s Day! xo

Everything beautiful thing always begins with a willingness to suffer.

How many windows and lamps and dishes and gizmos did we break and how many times does a mother’s heart break to fix a world and I heard you cry sometimes behind the hollow panel door.

Because believing in the miracle of metamorphosis is the sum total of a mother’s job. The theological term for that is faith.

To have faith that the baby in arms will become the toddler toilet trained before 18, that the cocky juvenile hipster with the big attitude will become the concerned citizen with a baby on the hip and a big heart on the sleeve, and that kid who can never find his shoes or matching socks or math homework will be able to find a girlfriend, job and Jesus.

Thank you. Mothers give up much and never give up.

Thank you. Mothers never stop being with child. You always make a space for me within you.

Thank you for brushing yourself off and the tears back and always opening the hollow panel door again. Mothers can be more courageous than entire military squadrons.

So how could I let the sun set today without thanking you — for my beginning and your endurance, and for all the thousand ways you shaped me, and for being a one in a million because you were mine, and my today is in part because of all of your faithful yesterdays.

via Ann Volskamp

*Last year’s Mother’s Day post here.


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