Investing in Love {Part 1}

Good morning beautiful friends! I have a bit of a Wednesday surprise for you as we take a mini-break from typical Words for Wednesday posts. The next three weeks, the lovely Eliza will be guest posting in a series all about investing in love and what exactly that means. I’m super excited; her advice is spot-on and she shares different ways/aspects of investing in love in each post. Enjoy her first post and don’t forget to follow Eliza on Twitter!

“Where you invest your love is where you invest your life.” The lyrics from a lovely Mumford and Sons song rings true when you start to reflect on your day, your week, your life.

When Andi suggested that I write something for her blog, I knew I wanted to talk about investing my love in my life. A recent cross-country move, Chicago to Denver, helped me prioritize what I love right now. The decision to move came from a realization that if I didn’t invest in myself, my surroundings, today and tomorrow, than I wasn’t going to live the life I wanted to live – a life full of love. To start this three part series, I want to talk about your most important investment.

Invest in yourself – what do you love? What makes you love yourself? Invest in those things, guilt-free, and know that you are investing in your life.

  • Nail polish: I feel darn good with a fresh coat of polish, so I’ve invested in one manicure per week (home-done on my budget, love none-the-less)
  • Good sports bra: I feel sexy when I do any sort of physical activity, and it isn’t because I’m good at it – it’s because I love how it makes me feel! Proper equipment makes me feel even better, and a good sports bra is at the core.
  • Exercise: I want to love this more because I love myself, and I’ll admit, I’m investing in this slowly, but the returns in the long run will pay off.
  • Getting lost in a book: the ultimate escape of any kind, literary prowess of said book is not required, this is about investing in what you love.
  •  Spirituality: I don’t care if you find it looking at pins on Pinterest, spirituality is like a good body scrub for the soul.
  • Laughing: the best cure for all that ails and an natural expression full of love. Laughing is like an MBA in life-investment.
  •  Education: you will get further with it and new perspectives have the ability to let you love in a new light – yourself and the world around you. In case you were wondering, this doesn’t have to be academic study. Education in yoga, the arts, foreign language, wine, anything that you have an inkling of love!
  •  Travel: Even to the town next to you, traveling helps me love myself because it creates a memory, often with someone I love.

In the next part of this series, we’re going to talk discuss investing in your surroundings. Check out this video in the meantime about life-editing. It’ll set the stage for my thoughts on investing in surroundings.

– Eliza


5 responses to “Investing in Love {Part 1}

  1. Eliza,

    Where in Denver did you move to? I live in Aurora and work in the Tech Center!

    • Hi Kayleigh! I moved to the Cap Hill neighborhood. Are you on Twitter? Let’s connect! I would love to hear your thoughts on the city and get some recos for food/activities!

      • So sorry!! I didn’t check back on this post to get your reply! I am not on Twitter, I’m on Facebook though if that helps at all. Kayleigh Elrod.

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