how to nurture your soul

“How do we nurture our souls?

By revering our own life. By reaching for the best within ourselves.

By taking chances and stretching our boundaries. By leaping into the unknown.

By going places we’ve never been.

By having faith and staring down our fears.

By embracing our uniqueness.

By doing things for the fun of it.

By slowing down, so the important things can catch up.

By breathing in wide-open spaces and walking in nature’s wildness.

By appreciating each day, moment by moment.

By learning to live it all, not only the joys and triumphs but the pain and struggle.

By being there for others, and allowing others in turn, to be there for us.

By making a difference.

By doing things with meaning. By giving the things we do meaning.

Because when we are living a life we love, our souls are singing and dancing.

Are souls are filled with light.

And we find happiness.”

via Internal Acceptance Movement


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