dose of joy {by melissa}

meet the wonderful melissa! we’ve become quite good friends, although have yet to meet in person. here’s ten things that bring her a daily dose of joy:

+  Fresh flowers + pretty smells coming from a new addition: a Scentsy warmer!
+  Being in a creative, innovative, and supportive work industry
+  Finding old playlists from high school
+  Having a loving support system stand beside me in a rough time
+  Still being able to enjoy a pumpkin chai from Starbucks
+  Using FaceTime to see my parents each day
+  My tattoos, both new and old, and the meaning behind each of them
+  Being able to text/call friends that are spread out all over the country
+  Looking through my deceased best friend’s papers, which her family graciously allowed me to borrow
+  Rainy days: perfect for snuggling in bed with a good book

what brings you joy? feel free to share by emailing me & i’ll post on polish my crown! xo


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