Investing in Love {Part 2}

The lovely Eliza is back to share her second post in the series about investing in love in your life. Enjoy! xx

Part II: Investing in your surroundings

We kicked off this little series with a cross-country move, inspired by this blog! After reviewing how I invest love in myself last week, I suggested checking out a video on life-editing. So, let’s chat about investing in your surroundings. This one will have very different meaning for everyone, but Queens must love what is around them! To invest in your surroundings – think about moments you love, that made you feel good, that inspired your life. Surround yourself in these memories.  Plan your life so you can make more. Invest love in your surroundings to lead to a more inspired day, week, life.

  • Books: they are my love, I have cases of them, I’ve read most of them, but really I keep them because I love the smell of them and they are an escape to anywhere I want to be. You can digitize if you want, but I will never. The spine of a good book reminds me to stand tall and follow my dreams.
  • Light: vitamin D is equally as important as the metaphysical kind. I surround myself with light – in nature and in the people in my life. As my aunt always says when she signs off of a phone call or email, “Love and Light.”
  • White sheets: once perceived to be the ultimate luxury in my eyes, I bought them. They make me feel glamorous and that’s how I want to feel wrapped up in bed. Nobody said investing in your surroundings had to deep!
  •  Sound: whether I need quiet or music, I love the soundtrack that surrounds a moment. Invest in learning the words to your favorite song so you can sing it, throw that song on repeat until you don’t love it anymore, walk outside and listen. Roll the windows down and turn the radio up. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Have a heart to heart with a family member. Love the sound you find.
  •  Memories: a large invest is not required to make a memory, but the love you feel around the best memories is a gift.

The next point is the core aspect of investing in your surroundings.

  • Warm bodies: You know, like the people around you? I invest in relationships with people that I love. The return is immeasurable.

Are you feeling inspired to invest in your surroundings? Just like you’ve seen on Polish My Crown, make an inspiration board, write down the things you want to surround yourself with. The last part of the series will discuss short- and long-term investments, yields and why investing in love today is where you’ll invest your life in the long-run.

– Eliza

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