Thursday Thankful List: The Joy of Small

The joy of small that makes life large. Hadn’t I personally experienced it before too, that vantage point that gave a sense of smallness before grandeur? At the tip of the Grand Canyon, peering into the carved earth, the vastness of the hewn and many-hued chasm. A late June night peering into the expanse of heavens nailed up with the named and known stars. A moon field. I hardly dare brush the limitlessness with my vaporous humanity. But the irony: Don’t I often desperately want to wriggle free of the confines of a small life? Yet when I stand before immensity that heightens my smallness – I have never felt sadness. Only burgeoning wonder.

I’ve mentioned Ann Voskamp’s book here and here and thought it the above quote from her book was perfect to share today. I always think of her book, especially on Thursdays as I compile Thursday Thankful List blog posts. Recognizing the things that make you feel very small make your entire world so much larger. Like how small I feel sitting in front of the ocean and seeing where water hits the sky; how small I feel compared to the big and unconditional love poured into my life; how small I am standing next to the gigantic redwood trees in the forest; how small I am compared to the millions of other people who are also feeling the same sunshine rays hit their skin. Appreciating and embracing the smallness opens our eyes to the magnificence of the large things. I’m saying thank you for that today! xx


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