Investing in Love {Part 3}

So the past two weeks, Eliza has shared about investing in love in your own life. Two weeks ago, she wrote about investing in your own life and last week she chatted about investing in your surroundings. I think you’ll love her third and final post {at least for this series!}. Thanks again to Eliza for openly sharing her story and wonderful advice to all! xo

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Part III: Investors Daily [Love edition]

Surely you’ve the saying around retirement funds – “Invest in today, invest in tomorrow.” Surprise – the same advice applies to life and love. Today’s investments, today’s loves – those are your life. No time like the present to invest your life, your love.

  • Chocolate: it is good for the heart, the brain and the person you share a morsel with. Invest in it today. A high quality morsel shared with a good friend. You just made a memory, might want to snap a picture and surround yourself with what you love.
  • Beer, wine and all pasta or bread-based dishes: same reasons as chocolate. These are simple investments best shared with those you love. Create a memory over sustenance – you have to eat, why not make it count? Notice a theme?
  • Passion: whether it is your job, your hobby or what you share with a significant other, I live passionately and I hope this forever yields more passion. Invest passionately to love passionately. Return? A life full of love. I love snow, some might say I’m passionate about it. So, I moved to place that loves snow as much as I do – Colorado.
  •  Foot rubs: without fail, if I have a foot or backrub I will be relaxed. That makes for a better tomorrow. Same goes for giving on this one.
  • Puppies: no explanation needed.

Back to the inspiration for this post – Andi’s blog and the song from Mumford and Sons – “where you invest your love is where you invest your life.” Thanks for reading along as I explored my list of investing my love because it is where I want to invest my life. I should note that this changes weekly and it should! Not all investments have long-term gains, but today is a good day to start investing in love, investing in your life. How do you invest love? What are the returns for your life?

– Eliza


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