Thursday Thankful List

I’m safe and sound back in San Francisco! The past few weeks feel like a total whirlwind, but I’m very thankful for the time spent with my family and friends. It seems like my trip to Athens was FOREVER ago, but really it was only two weeks ago – today’s Thursday Thankful List documents some things I’m thankful for from each day of our visit. 

A similar day-by-day thankful post can be found here. Happy Thursday!

Thursday, May 17:

XL coffees in the airport
Working from my favorite coffee shop in Athens, Ohio
Hugging someone for the first time in a very long time
Half price drinks
Songs that bring back happy memories
Rounding the corner on the highway and seeing beautiful Ohio University to my right
Everything about Britton
The college ritual of blaring music while getting ready with all my girlfriends
Hysterical laughter, screaming and joy in the CI basement
That Ali let us stay at her house all weekend

Friday, May 18:

Two hour walks
Wearing a tank top and shorts all weekend
Visiting some of my favorite places from college
Afterhours {MISS THIS A LOT}
Finally convincing Courtney to go to the Crystal with me
A very queen-like pasta dinner at Stephens
Feeling really old
Feeling really young
Long, wobbly brick streets
This adorable sign at Brenens coffee shop welcoming the weekend!

Saturday, May 19:

Casa brunch – my fave!
Hot, humid weather
Lounging on a friend’s porch
How nothing really changes
Strawberry daiquiri necklaces
People who can tell a really good story
Reuniting with my old roommates
Jukebox jams. Always!
Silly afternoons
The first bite of a delicious meal {I’ve been craving this salsa for months!}

Sunday, May 20:

Getting coffee with Becca early in the morning
Outside patios
Giving {and receiving} valuable advice
Saying goodbye but knowing you’ll see that person in the very near future
Driving in a car with windows down
Toasted bagels with veggie cream cheese
Feeling at home
Bright and warm sunshine beaming all day long
That I loved college experience & the weekend spent in Athens, but that I’m happy to be right where I’m at now

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