Thursday Thankful List: My sister Kerry

Today, I’m thankful that it’s my sister Kerry‘s 21st birthday!

I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to be her big sister. I’m thankful for our sister sleepovers and summer roadtrips and that we usually can’t stand each other’s taste in music. I’m thankful that she’s laid-back and calm {unlike me} and a peacemaker. I’m thankful for the countless games of “House” and the times we climbed our big tree in the backyard as kids. I’m thankful that her friends have turned into my friends and my friends have turned into her friends. I’m thankful that she always lets me borrow a certain pair of heels every time we’re in the same town. I’m thankful for backflips on the trampoline together and family vacations together and water slides together. I’m equally thankful for our childhood together as I am our “adult relationship” now. I’m thankful for the summer we shared a room for the first time and the hilariously awkward conversations and events that happened. I’m thankful for matching Easter dresses and competitive games of roller hockey in the basement together. I’m thankful our arguments never last more than 20 minutes. I’m thankful for her patience. I’m thankful for the one year we had in high school together – I was a senior, she was a freshman. I’m thankful that I can look back on my childhood and have almost zero memories without her.

Love you K, enjoy today!

*Kerry’s 20th birthday blog post here.


2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List: My sister Kerry

  1. Linann Teggart

    I can’t imagine our family without her!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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