Happy 2nd Birthday Polish My Crown!

I’m excited to celebrate Polish My Crown’s 2nd birthday today! A WHOLE LOT has changed since my first ever blog post and I’m so thankful for the past two years – the challenges, the encouragement, the growth, the opportunities, the love poured into my life both online and offline.

The whole idea behind Polish My Crown is a fun concept called “crown polishing.” As you probably/hopefully know by now, this means a change of mindset, a new reaction to situations. Sometimes when we are feeling down, we need a little pick-me-up to remind ourselves that things will be okay. The  goal of my my blog is to be a quick resource for inspiration, positivity and joy. I’ve had such a blast sharing with you things that bring me some “crown polishing” so thank you for staying with me during this crazy two year ride!

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite blot posts from the past year {since June 2011} – grab a cup of coffee and start reading!

My life experiences:

Overcoming Obstacles:




As I mention on the About Page, “…being a queen is all about – loving yourself, embracing yourself, treating yourself as a best friend. Holding yourself in high regard because you know – regardless of job, relationship, age, body size, [whatever] you are valuable and loved. You are clothed with dignity.” I hope you leave Polish My Crown each and every time feeling more inspired, loved and empowered to go out living a life of love, clothed in dignity.

THANK YOUfor your continued love and support! Love you queens xx

*Celebrate Polish My Crown’s 1st Birthday here!


2 responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday Polish My Crown!

  1. Happy Birthday, Polish my Crown! Thanks for all of your positivity and encouraging posts, Andi! Best wishes for another great year :)

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