simple moments

Tuesday {and honestly, any day that’s not the weekend} is a day where I need to consciously remind myself how much I enjoy the simple things. The simple moments in life that are often overlooked. I get so caught up in things and situations that I realize aren’t important and don’t make my life happier or better. These are the times I need to shift my focus back to simplicity. From the cluttered, chaotic mindset back to a sense of peacefulness. I’ve learned that simple moments – the first bite of a sweet grapefruit, peering off a cliff at the shoreline, screaming like a child in happiness, a hot cup of tea before bed, the smell of bookshelves – bring the most joy to my life!

Embracing simple moments doesn’t mean we’ll live uncomplicated lives. I know your day is probably equally crazy as mine – simplicity is simply a shift in focus. It’s taking a “time out” from your day to remember simple moments, experiences, things and words that remind you of the goodness we’re surrounded by if we simply keep our eyes open. This Tuesday, I’m replaying my favorite simple moments in my head and keeping my eyes open for more that I may experience today. xo!

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