lesson 15 – part 1

It’s that baggy pair of overalls. Poems by Mary Oliver and Billy Collins. Music by Louis Armstrong. Chocolate by Godiva. It’s listening with both ears. Asking someone to dance. Driving with the top down. Loving the reflection in the mirror. Waiting up for your parents. Giving everyone a chance. Not counting strikes or foul balls. Not keeping score. The cool side of the pillow. Waterproof mascara.

Loving every minute. Carrying a spare. Remembering to check your oil. Wearing cotton. Knowing when to let go. Holding a newborn. Laughing when you’re happy. Crying when you’re sad. Getting out of the way. Leaving notes in a lunch box. Daring to be different.

Having no regrets. Loving God regardless. Making peace with dandelions. Having friends who are computer literate. Charging less than expected. Loving a child. Complimenting your boss. Smiling at customers. Teaching someone how to spell. Making cookies from scratch.

Showing up with flowers. Reading the funny pages. Skipping class. Starting with dessert. Wearing red underwear. Burning the good candles. Never growing up. Never growing old. Country line dancing. A squeaky porch swing. Saturday morning cartoons.

Forgetting what you were mad about. Toasting the newlyweds. Speaking up for yourself. Praying for others. Playing peekaboo with a baby. Flipping the mattress. Hiring a maid. Wearing comfortable shoes. Knowing the mail carrier’s name. Letting traffic into your lane. Singing Christmas carols in July. Taking walks that go nowhere. Watching Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire dance.

Thick chocolate milkshakes. Twelve-step meetings. Decaf after 8 p.m. Trips to the ocean. Merry-go-rounds. A swimsuit you can bend over in. SPF 30 sunscreen. A warm pair of gloves. Group therapy. Bubble baths by candlelight. Flannel pajamas. A pack of 64 crayons. A song in your heart.

Obeying the speed limit. Returning what you borrow. Pruning your apple trees. Leaving big tips. Paying bills on time. Not getting bees mad. Honoring your wedding vows. Performing somersaults in the front yard. Thanking a teacher. Getting on your knees to pray. Being persistent. Ordering takeout. Letting your employees leave early.

Hi queens! Today’s Thursday Thankful List is a bit different than normal. I mentioned here that I’m reading Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible by Regina Brett – I think I’ve reread Lesson #15 six times this week. Lesson #15 shares about “the secret to live” and the author’s solution was quite simple: The secret to live is no secret. It’s sprinkled all over your life. It’s celebrating what already is. Right here. Right now. All around you. 

The secret to living is staying aware – and saying thank you for everything in your day-to-day life. Lesson #15 reminded me of the little things that are actually really big things when you simply say thank you. I shared the first half today and will share the second half next Thursday!

Enjoy and appreciate the things sprinkled over your life today!


5 responses to “lesson 15 – part 1

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  4. , Gaaalleeee!! This is great Toby. I’ve always told my ahteltes that I don’t expect them to be perfect just strive for perfection. But I’ve never really thought about it the way you & your pastor speaks of the word. Some of us spend half our lives frustrated because things don’t go exactly as we would like. I needed to hear this today. Thanks son.

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